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A New Version

It’s been almost a year since Release #7 came out. A lot has happened to the game since then. In fact, there are so many and radical changes that I consider it to be a new version of the game. The first release of this new version of the game will have the incredibly exciting name v2.0! This means that Release #7 was the last release for the old version. Part of the reason for this new version is that I intend to introduce even more huge changes in the near future, but more about that in another post. The important thing right now is that, unless I find any major bug or problem, I plan to finally release it on 3rd of October!

The new title screen

Summary of Highlights in v2:

I will give a small overview and summary of the biggest changes in the game with links to blog posts where you can read more about them:

  • You can now see all attributes and attacks of each monster (post)
  • Monsters now have named attacks, their magic and ranged attacks now works like they do for the player (using Mp and ammo) (post)
  • Monster can have several attacks instead of exactly just one (post, interesting consequences)
  • Light in the dungeon is now explicit instead of implicit (braziers lit the dungeon) (post)
  • There are now surprise attacks in the game (post)
  • The “light” attribute is replaced by a “vision” attribute. Line of Sight is no longer symmetric with monsters. (post)
  • You now have energy points as a new resource that restricts how much you can swap weapons, you can also use to identify things with (post)
  • Enchanted equipment is now unknown when you find it, and there are cursed equipment in the dungeon (post)
  • You can now hear nearby noisy monsters (post)
  • There are a new category of items: tools (post)
  • The game has a completely new tutorial and better tutorial system (post)
  • You are either in “exploring” or “combat” mode, each mode have their own rules (post)
  • Viewing maps now give an overview of notable features (post)


There are also some new interesting things that I haven’t blogged about:

  • Almost all situations where you would be blocked by water or lava is gone. This should make the game much more fair to the point that I might remove the disclaimer in the FAQ.
  • The drowning effect has been removed, as well as water breathing (bye sea-pearls…). The reasoning is that it was annoying and binary: water was either an extremely huge threat, or no threat except that it could rust equipment. There is still rusting in the game though… there are rust traps.
  • There’s an option to change the colour theme of the panel frames. New default colours for v2 (it is possible to change back to the original colours for those who wish)!

Some Disclaimers

Despite having tested the game extensively together with a friend (and I plan to test even more before the release), I am not confident that v2.0 will be bug free. After the initial release I can imagine there might be a bug fix release from any reports I may receive.

I can also imagine that v2 is so different that some players would prefer the old release. I will keep Release #7 available for download for those who still wish to play that.

In order to not delay the release even further, the manual is going to remain outdated for a while. However, as resources you have a new improved tutorial (including tutorials that specifically teaches the new stuff in v2). Furthermore, the blog posts listed above can be used as detailed documentation. Finally, I am releasing a reference document for all the effects in the game. So whenever you find an effect you don’t know you can check there. I plan to eventually make this reference in-game. I also plan to gradually update the new manual, but it may take a while.

Anyway, I hope you are as excited as I am 🙂



  1. > You read the scroll.
    > It was a Scroll of Teasing.
    > You faint from breathing too heavily.

  2. Great news, I’ve been postponing diving back into TGGW since all the changes you’ve blogged about are so juicy.

    PS: this is obviously low-priority, but you might consider creating an icon for the game.

    1. Cool! I remember you from the very first release 🙂 It is almost an entirely different game now!

      Yes I know. It’s one of those little details that actually make the game feel more real and have an identity. It shouldn’t be as low priority as I have given it. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

      1. Aha, I’m flattered.

        And yeah, what you said about the icon is exactly what I was thinking.


    (v2.0 is a bit boring. that #7 was more original. call the new game #A :D)

    1. I thought long and hard about that name!! How can you call it boring?! :p

      Joke aside, I hope the game will be more exciting than the name 🙂

        1. That’s a really cool idea, but I think it could confuse players. Better to have as distinct name as possible 🙂

          1. OK 🙂 Basically I just wanted to say that I loved you old version names it was so elegant 🙂

  4. I was going through, readin a bunch of these posts, when I came across a conversation you had a while back about how you didn’t like how disease worked in terms of turns, unlike many other effects. What if disease just provided a random debuff for the next time that you rest? Like, you eat a piece of mouldy bread, then rest, and wake up with -1 melee, and -2 block, for example.

    1. Yes, that is a good idea and I have been thinking along those lines as well. Probably both disease and poison will be reformed in such a way.

      A problem is that I want disease to be useful for the player to use against monsters as well, and I’m not too sure about how this kind of mechanics would work for monsters. But maybe for really tough ones it would be a fun tactic to disease them, go to rest, and fight them when weakened.

  5. This was my farewell from the old one 😀

    I don’t know why I picked up the pit trap… 🙂 but is it OK the pit trap is there after it was triggered? and why did I get 5 damage in the first turn? It is usually just 4, isn’t it?

    But anyway this would be a super evil trap, like this 😀 The thing the trap stays there is an other trap 😀

    1. Hm.. this is a bug. The trap should definitely not be there after being triggered. And yes, you should take maximum 20/speed damage (4). Not sure what happened there. Unfortunately too late to fix in v2.0 but hopefully in later releases.

      Yes it would be evil, but too evil 🙂 In any case, pit traps won’t be as bad in v2.0 since water will cause Ep damage instead of Hp damage.

    1. Oh congratulations!! That’s a much better farewell to the old version than a trap bug 🙂 Hope you can beat the new one as well! Tomorrow it’s time…

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