The next release is finished in the sense that I am not going to add anything more to it. I am currently testing it with the help of some friends, and there are still some bugs that I am trying to fix. I plan to announce a release date very soon (the release date is probably going to be sometime in October). First a little update about a quality of life feature that comes in the next release:


Inspired by a let’s play from HedoNNN where he says he keeps track of important features in a document while playing, I realized that it would be better if the game did that for you. When you view maps, you now get an overview of things you have left behind and intend to come back for.

The game will remember all “notable features” that you pass. These include golden doors, portals, mysterious veins, chests etc, that is, things that may be useful to come back to later. When you view a level, you get a list of all notable features on that level. The menu itself is also enriched with symbols of notable features to give you an overview, see the screenshot below.

You get an overview of the important stuff

You get an overview of the important stuff. In the overview you can see mysterious veins, campfires, fountains and services. Portal levels are green.

Furthermore, all levels that have portals are displayed in green so that you can immediately see which levels you can travel to via portals.In future versions I might add more functionality, like being able to target the different features (or maybe even fast-travel to them), but this it should be quite useful already.



  1. Awesome feature, thank you!
    Thank you too for the mention toward my Youtube’s channel, I’m longing to make more LP’s soon.

    PS: Fountain of Helium?!! xD

    1. Thank you for giving me the idea 🙂 It really makes gameplay easier.

      Yes, it’s a new fountain type. I’ll let you discover it for yourself 🙂

  2. A bug I noticed: trying to equip a rusty hand axe in each hand causes the second one to vanish from the game, never to be seen again

    1. Hm.. that’s weird. I wonder if there were some special conditions leading to that bug? I haven’t heard about it in #7 before. And I just tested in the development version and it seems to work there. So at least it shouldn’t be an issue in the next release that is coming in a about a week 🙂

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