Month: April 2015


Yet another complete rework of the mechanics will be available in the next release (I’m on a roll!). In general, what I am trying to do with these changes are to diversify the gameplay of TGGW by incorporating the gameplay of classic RPG classes (warrior, thief, mage, monk, ranger etc.). In previous posts I have […]

Unarmed Combat

One of the main concepts in TGGW is that you improvise your character build through the equipment you find in the dungeon. I have tried to incorporate all the classical types of gameplay classes in the equipment (mage, thief, warrior/barbarian, archer, priest). However, there’s one (well, at least) class that haven’t been quite represented: the […]

Dual Wielding!

In the next release it will be possible to dual-wield weapons. In most roguelikes dual wielding has a lot of restrictions; the attack sequence may be slower than normal and/or the offhand attack may be less accurate. However, for dual wielding to fit into The Ground Gives Way’s design and simple mechanics I have decided […]

Refactoring and Testing

When I started programming on The Ground Gives Way some time before 2009 it started mostly as an experiment. In fact I first started on an over-ambitious Roguelike, then I started on an under-ambitious Roguelike (too simple, not fun enough) and finally I made The Ground Gives Way. It has grown quite organically and it […]