100 win-streak by GJ

In 2022, Gambler Justice (GJ) did a very impressive 11-win streak in the dev version of TGGW v2.6 (which since then also has been repeated by MTF who is on an ongoing 13-win streak so far).

GJ recently reached an amazing 100 consecutive wins in TGGW v2.6! This is something that I never thought I would see, and I find it very impressive! I also see it as a proof that TGGW is in good state balancewise, and that it has become a very different game from what it was back in 2014.

The streak is still ongoing, and as of writing I think the streaknumber is somewhere around 102-104. You can see a gallery of the final inventorys of the first 100 games here.

It is also interesting to see that the wins seem to have quite diverse builds, and they do not rely on abusing mechanics or bugs. I consider it a great success both for GJ and TGGW.
You can join the developments and discussions on TGGW’s channel on the roguelikes Discord.


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