Month: October 2019

Release 2.5.2

It turns out Release v2.5.1 also introduced some new bugs… so now yet another update is available. Again saves are not compatible even with v2.5.1. This is a smaller update, but with some important bug fixes and various misc changes.

Release v2.5.1

Release v2.5.1 is now available! Note that saved games from v2.5 are not compatible with v2.5.1. This is a bugfix release fixing many bugs and a few quality of life and balance issues. A big thank you to Blue who reported most of these bugs, gave a lot of feedback and also helped out testing […]

Fall Update

It was a while ago since I wrote something here. As last year, I took a summer break from development, that’s why it’s been a bit silent here. TGGW v2.5 was a large update with many changes, and consequently, quite a large number of bugs. I’ve been working on a bugfix release for a bit […]