Combat Mode

I have worked on the next version of TGGW in silence for a while. Without spoiling too much, I have a lot of plans that I’m excited for in the next version, most of which has been implemented already. I am in the process of testing thoroughly what to include and not. The first thing […]

100 win-streak by GJ

In 2022, Gambler Justice (GJ) did a very impressive 11-win streak in the dev version of TGGW v2.6 (which since then also has been repeated by MTF who is on an ongoing 13-win streak so far). GJ recently reached an amazing 100 consecutive wins in TGGW v2.6! This is something that I never thought I […]

TGGW v2.6 is out!

Almost three years after v2.5, a new version is finally out. It has quite an extensive changelog. As usual there’s a tutorial that guides you through some of these changes (called “what’s new in v2.6”). You can also check the recent blogposts for details and reasoning behind the changes. I would like to sincerely thank […]

11-Streak by Gambler Justice

Player “Gambler Justice” (also known as just GJ) just completed a win streak of 11 consecutive runs in the current dev version (v2.6D) which is the current record and which I think is very impressive and worth posting about! He held the previous streak record of 9 wins in v2.5 as well. The streak was […]

Back in Development

Hi there! It’s been over a year (almost a year and a half) since last update, and last release. I’ve been having a long break from development, and just wanted to tell you that I’m back. I have a lot of plans but I don’t know exactly what will make it into the next version, […]

Release 2.5.2

It turns out Release v2.5.1 also introduced some new bugs… so now yet another update is available. Again saves are not compatible even with v2.5.1. This is a smaller update, but with some important bug fixes and various misc changes.