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100 win-streak by GJ

In 2022, Gambler Justice (GJ) did a very impressive 11-win streak in the dev version of TGGW v2.6 (which since then also has been repeated by MTF who is on an ongoing 13-win streak so far). GJ recently reached an amazing 100 consecutive wins in TGGW v2.6! This is something that I never thought I […]

11-Streak by Gambler Justice

Player “Gambler Justice” (also known as just GJ) just completed a win streak of 11 consecutive runs in the current dev version (v2.6D) which is the current record and which I think is very impressive and worth posting about! He held the previous streak record of 9 wins in v2.5 as well. The streak was […]

Visible Traps

  The Problem with Traps This section is mostly a background to traps in roguelikes, if you just want to read about the changes I’ve made in TGGW you can skip to the next section. Traps are a common but lately quite controversial feature of most roguelikes. Traps in roguelikes have been standard for a […]

Let’s Play

I am delighted to see that several players have recorded “let’s plays” of The Ground Gives Way. For me personally this is great to see because it helps me see how players play the game so I can see potential issues and learn how player’s perceive the game. For players I think these videos can […]

Early Game Survival Strategies

If you find The Ground Gives Way very difficult (I certainly hope you do!), here are strategies for early game survival. These strategies include some that usually applies to roguelikes, but some of which are very specific to TGGW. With these hints you should be able to consistently get at least to the bottom of […]