Month: June 2016

Better Tutorial

With the new release coming there are so many changes that huge parts of the tutorial needed to be rewritten. I have taken this opportunity to completely rewrite the tutorial system since the current one has a few problems: It is long and can be tedious for some players (11 levels that needs to be […]

Open and Closed Combat

The current mechanics for open and closed combat are quite fuzzy. Both of them give a malus/bonus depending on how many walls are near you, both diagonally and adjacent. These were actually some of the first effects added to the game and came from a time before the game used taxi cab geometry. Open/closed combat […]

Exploring vs Combat

I am a fan of simple-to-understand rules. In the next release you will always be either in exploring mode or combat mode. The Modes You are in exploring mode whenever you are not aware of any awake monsters around you, that is: you cannot see or hear any awake monsters. Detecting monsters don’t count. When […]