Category: Development

Combat Mode

I have worked on the next version of TGGW in silence for a while. Without spoiling too much, I have a lot of plans that I’m excited for in the next version, most of which has been implemented already. I am in the process of testing thoroughly what to include and not. The first thing […]

Back in Development

Hi there! It’s been over a year (almost a year and a half) since last update, and last release. I’ve been having a long break from development, and just wanted to tell you that I’m back. I have a lot of plans but I don’t know exactly what will make it into the next version, […]

Martial Arts

Yet another change to weapons is the introduction of martial arts weapons. Martial Combo Martial weapons are connected to a new effect called martial combo. This effect is useful and necessary only when you have a martial weapon equipped (see next section). The martial combo effect earns you automatic extra attacks simiarly to what dual […]