Month: February 2015

The Manual is up to Date

The manual is now finally up to date with Release #5. Most of what is new there are things I’ve already explained in the blog. You might want to take a look at monster abilities and conditions for things that you haven’t seen. There are also sections for how to scroll the side panels and […]

Full Inventory

For the later half of the game your inventory will typically be full. The interface gets a bit clunky when your inventory is full. Sometimes you need to temporarily drop items in order to pick new ones up and equip them. This is something that quickly gets annoying so I have changed this functionality. When […]

Let’s Play

I am delighted to see that several players have recorded “let’s plays” of The Ground Gives Way. For me personally this is great to see because it helps me see how players play the game so I can see potential issues and learn how player’s perceive the game. For players I think these videos can […]

Development Continues

I’ve been having a break from development since the previous release. I’m now returning to development and will be making plans for a sixth release. First I will make sure the manual is updated to release #5 (there are still some inconsistencies and old screen shots). Then I will collect the various bug reports I […]