Month: October 2016

An Important Change

Just a quick post about an important change in v2.1. As those who is familiar with the game probably knows, the dungeon can sometimes generate unwinnable situations in form of large portions of water, lava or an obstacle which the character cannot overcome. I have always been personally ok with this, which I also justify […]


The Next Release I’ve already got a huge amount of feedback for v2.0 by mail, on reddit and on the announcement post. I am very happy and thankful for this! Thank you everyone who played it, given feedback or made videos! Currently, I am fixing some of the things I have received feedback on. I […]

Release v2.0 is out!

You can now download release v2.0 for Windows. You can read more about the release and version number as well as a summary of what’s new here. You can also read the full changelog. If you have any questions be sure to check the FAQ. While the manual is out of date (although a huge […]