An Important Change

Just a quick post about an important change in v2.1. As those who is familiar with the game probably knows, the dungeon can sometimes generate unwinnable situations in form of large portions of water, lava or an obstacle which the character cannot overcome. I have always been personally ok with this, which I also justify in the FAQ. However, it seems that most players don’t like that.

As it is not the most important feature of TGGW and is not something that players seem to enjoy I have finally decided to do something about it.

Dungeon Generation

When a dungeon level has been generated, the generator checks if there is a path from the upstairs to the downstairs in which you don’t have to step on a dangerous tile. If there is no such path, the level is reset and regenerated. In other words, in v2.1 there is a guaranteed path to the stairs that doesn’t involve walking on water, lava or anything else dangerous.

This means that after I release v2.1, I can finally remove that clause of the FAQ. I think it is the best for the game.



  1. I’ve just found that you cant coat scissors! I’ve got a real good run goin here, with 80% armour, a Snowman Head, and just now on Lvl 10, scissors! I’m up against a Predator now, but let’s see if a Battle Potion can’t pull me through.

    1. Damn, got Acid-Lizarded. Was resting before going down to another level 2 squares away from the stairs.

      I really should have used some of my consumables…

      1. Yes, since consumables are long lasting in TGGW, it is a very good idea to think about using many of them once you hit around lvl 10. Sorry for your loss…

    2. Yeah, you cannot coat body parts currently. Scissors can be really really good, especially with 80% armour. Too bad it didn’t work out..

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