Month: June 2014

Early Game Survival Strategies

If you find The Ground Gives Way very difficult (I certainly hope you do!), here are strategies for early game survival. These strategies include some that usually applies to roguelikes, but some of which are very specific to TGGW. With these hints you should be able to consistently get at least to the bottom of […]

Post-release Plans

I thought I give you a quick update of my plans, now when The Ground Gives Way have been released. First of all, it has been downloaded almost 300 times since the release, this is something I am very happy about! Thank you everyone who have downloaded and helped me spread the word about the […]


Before this post, I just want to say that I consider the first version of the game finished now and I plan to release it on June 20th, 2014.  Melee Weapons One major design goal from the beginning was that the different melee weapons should be significantly different from each other, and the choice of […]

The Dungeon

As most roguelikes do, TGGW features procedurally generated dungeons. The dungeon is generated using an algorithm that gets nice and varying results. Below you can see a few generated levels (however, you cannot see monsters or items in these screens): The dungeon is made out of a wild mixture of rooms, themed rooms, predefined rooms, […]