11-Streak by Gambler Justice

Player “Gambler Justice” (also known as just GJ) just completed a win streak of 11 consecutive runs in the current dev version (v2.6D) which is the current record and which I think is very impressive and worth posting about! He held the previous streak record of 9 wins in v2.5 as well.

The streak was broken was a great water elemental on Laboratory 3 on the 12th run.

You can find the full 10th run of the streak recorded by GJ in a video here. You might pick up on some advanced strategies! Big congratulations GJ!


  1. Please add a tileset. It’s the only thing that’s stopping me (and I believe lots more) from playing the game. I tried playing with ASCII but it was an eyesore.

    1. I wish I could do that easily, unfortunately it would basically require a rewrite of the engine. It is not modular enough to support a tile based interface, I’m sorry.

    2. ASCII is part of its charm… and honestly this game has some of the most clear and aesthetic use of ascii in any game ive played.

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