Month: March 2015

Treasure room bug – New download

I found yet another critical bug in Release #6, all treasure rooms are empty! This takes one of the most exciting parts of the gameplay away. I therefore release yet another version of Release #6, but this time I call it #6A to distinguish it from earlier downloads. Saved games are not compatible with Release […]

Release #6 is Out!

Release #6 of The Ground Gives Way is now out! It is a fairly minor update and most of the changes are bug fixes and interface improvements. Some of the most important changes in this release: Improved inventory management. A new option for the colour of unseen squares. Crash bug at trainers fixed. Confirmation when […]

New Option and Scrolling Messages

Release #6 is about ready, and I will now be entering a phase of testing. The release will be fairly minor compared to what they usually are. There are mostly bug fixes (including some unfortunate crash bugs introduced in Release #5), balancing and making the interface smoother. Some of the changes: Inventory Management As I […]