Release #6 is Out!

Release #6 of The Ground Gives Way is now out! It is a fairly minor update and most of the changes are bug fixes and interface improvements. Some of the most important changes in this release:

  • Improved inventory management.
  • A new option for the colour of unseen squares.
  • Crash bug at trainers fixed.
  • Confirmation when walking over dangerous terrain.
  • You can now scroll messages when accessing them from the menu.

See the full changelog for details. As usual, savefiles from earlier versions are not compatible with this release, so unzip the archive to a new directory.

I really hope you like the new release! Happy playing!



  1. Fantastic news! Haven’t had a lot of time lately, but this weekend I shall put some aside 🙂

    1. Awesome! If you already downloaded it, please re-download it as soon as I get it up again in an hour or so. I am currently fixing a bug that made release #6 very unstable.

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