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I am delighted to see that several players have recorded “let’s plays” of The Ground Gives Way. For me personally this is great to see because it helps me see how players play the game so I can see potential issues and learn how player’s perceive the game. For players I think these videos can serve partly as tutorials or introduction to the game, they can also be entertaining and exciting to watch.

I have added links to the let’s plays that I am aware of in the sidebar, but I also thought I’d write a little bit about them:


Jimmijamjams is the one who most recently have started his let’s plays of The Ground Gives Way. His playlist can be found here. I like his videos since he is playing very methodically and explains both strategies and game mechanics very well. Watching his videos might help you understand the game a lot. He is in the middle of a quite long and promising run right now (at the time of writing his 4th video).


Roguelike.fr has made a series of let’s play The Ground Gives Way in french, played by Guryushika. There is also one video in English in there. He plays by the rule “one video per run”. There are some videos of The Ground Gives Way that are not in the linked playlist as well, but can be found on their YouTube channel.

Matt Merciless

Matt Merciless was the first one to make let’s plays of The Ground Gives Way. He includes the full tutorial in the first videos as well. These videos are from Release #1 so some aspects of gameplay have changed since his videos.


Other than these and Dewaldo’s indie spotlight play/review of Release #2 I am not aware of any others. If you know about any other let’s plays of TGGW please let me know.

Making Videos

I am really happy about these videos, so thank you everyone who have made these! It is very exciting for me to watch and I think it would be for other players as well. I also want to encourage anyone else who wants to make let’s play of the game. If you do, you can contact me (but you don’t have to) and I will link to your playlist/channel. If you are making money out of your videos, that’s fine too.



  1. Thanks for the kind words!

    Episode 5 is up and the adventure continues… for now 🙂

    1. Yes… now it’s really exciting, you’re reaching the end-game (below lvl 10). Everything here is very dangerous and you should be restrictive with your exploring. Unless you look for specific items or feel very powerful, the general strategy should be to descend as quickly as possible (i.e., take the stairs down when you find them). Fully exploring levels at this depth can be fatal. I don’t want to influence your playing too much, but this is one thing to be aware of 🙂

      1. Thanks for the advice! I’ve got to admit I’m not confident about winning this run. Another pickaxe, some food, and more ammo would be just amazing 🙂

        1. Indeed. I noticed you still have an unexplored area on level 1. You might be lucky to find something there (if you find your way back up…).

    1. Thank you for the links, I think I’ll keep your original link in the side bar (unless you prefer that I change it?), I think the videos are watchable even if you don’t know French.

      I saw the new one in English today, it’s always fun to watch 😀 Sorry for your character… frost beetles are pretty deadly.

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