Full Inventory

For the later half of the game your inventory will typically be full. The interface gets a bit clunky when your inventory is full. Sometimes you need to temporarily drop items in order to pick new ones up and equip them. This is something that quickly gets annoying so I have changed this functionality.

When you have full inventory and pick up an item you will instead be taken to the inventory screen where you have to get rid of an item instead of not being able to pick up the item. You can get rid of items in various ways, such as consuming one, equipping one or dropping one. This should make the handling of full inventory be a bit smoother.

The dots at the end of the inventory means that you carry too much and that the inventory now contains a second page.



  1. Any thoughts on making ranged enemies less annoying? For example a goblin archer is really annoying to fight. I either chase it around indefinitely or ignore it and hope it doesn’t kill me. They don’t run out of arrows either.
    Also I’ve tried everything I can think of for the seed and coal but still no clue what they are for. Oh well.
    Great game, I look forward to the next release!

    1. Yes, you are right… I have almost been waiting for someone to comment on it. The way to deal with fast archers if you don’t have any ranged abilities is to run to the next floor until you have means to fight them. However, I agree they are annoying and I will think of a way to solve it. Having a limited supply of ammo is one idea, another is to alter their tactics.

      About seeds and coal, they are a bit tricky… they are not used from your inventory, but have to be dropped. Once dropped you may have to rest before you see any result.

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