More Changes to Dev Version

I’ve uploaded yet another dev version (E), (changelog) getting closer to release but still not quite there yet. The main thing is that I’ve changed slime.


I have been dissatisifed with how slime works for a long time. I have finally come up with a solution I find satisfactory. The reason I wanted slime status to destroy items was mainly that I want slime monsters to destroy items. I have now disconnected the slime effect from destroying items on the floor. Slimes will still destroy items, but they now do that as a pick up action (like when an animal eats food from the floor).

The slime status is now much less dangerous, but can be relevant at times. It now prevents you from equipping/unequipping only. Slime also no longer reduces martial combo, that turned out to be too penalizing, too annoying, and not very interesting. Mud still does however.


A few more things are coming. I am probably going to rename the “missile” attribute to “throwing” unless there are violent protests against the idea. The reason is that since the bow now instead use the thievery attribute, the only weapons using the missile attribute are “throwing weapons”, if we choose to also interpret the sling as a “throwing weapon”. This should reduce some confusion regarding the name.

I’m going to update the tutorial with some of the recent things. There are also some small bugs left to fix, but I think I’ve got all the major ones and the crash bugs. This might be the last dev version before release, but we’ll see.




  1. Doesn’t using a bow require a lot of strength? I know you have to actually aim it too, but it strikes me as strange that they would become Thievery weapons only (I know this change was announced quite some time ago and not in this post). Could some sort of middle ground be reached? Certain bows count as normal weapons and “light” bows could be Thievery weapons?

    1. I have thought about maybe introducing crossbows, those would use the normal missile attribute in that case. That’s why I’m a bit hesistant to change the name: if I change it from ‘missile’ to ‘throwing’, I really can’t have crossbows.

      However, I think it is better for the game if it is crystal clear how the attributes are used. As for bows and strength, since there really aren’t any clear-cut strength attribute in the game, I think thievery fits well for them.

        1. I would very much like to, but I’m scared of the work involving having to change libraries and the amount of code it would affect. So right now I would say it is dreams rather than plans…

  2. 1. Possible bug, when I used the books to gain permanent enhancements, it does not seem to take effect right away.
    2. Enchantress gave my buckler “of pummeling” even though buckler already has shield pummel
    3. Merchant ID service says it identifies enchanted equipment, so it is not obvious that this also identifies potions/scrolls/wands, etc.
    4. It should be more clear that certain actions consume EP such as turning a valve, etc.

    I won with an early yellow dragon mail which grants an overpowered lightning breath ability. I could one-shot iron crabs and water elementals easily. Fun but I feel like the end game could use more excitement. Maybe a final boss or something.

    1. 1-3: noted, thank you!

      4: I think valves were the only ones that did not give an indication (or did you find something else?), I’ll fix that.

      Dragon mails may be a bit too OP yes…
      There have been multiple requests for a more challenging end game, so I may have to start looking for that after v2.5 (am I the only one who still thinks the end game is difficult?! :p)

      1. I have a total of three wins in TGGW (two with the recent 2.5 Dev version) and the endgame in all these three were pretty easy. Typically all those characters got strong relatively early in the game (I remember one found a dragon armor in lvl 1), got stronger around the castle, and never even bothered exploring/fighting through the Lab. Those wins made the game feel very short. On the other hand most of my other play-throughs don’t even survive until the Lab, so I only have limited experience playing in the Lab.

        I do love TGGW, follow the releases with excitement and appreciate all the time and effort you give into it; yet I think it may need some more balancing, or even more content, (maybe optional) branches, etc.

        1. > never even bothered exploring/fighting through the Lab

          The lab is supposed to be scary, and you the intention is that most characters should minimize exploring there and quickly try to navigate to the bottom.
          However, one thing that could make this a little bit exciting is to ensure a minimum distance between the stairs.

          > some more balancing/even more content

          Always πŸ™‚

          > (maybe optional) branches

          Yes, optional post-game branches has been requested more than once. I have some ideas and partial implementations, so we’ll see where we end up.

          1. to this topic: never even bothered exploring/fighting through the Lab

            I think because you can hear the enemies behind the doors, and they can’t open doors, and you can choose when to open and which doors, it is kinda easy to navigate through the lab safely. So i also feel like these levels need some more new tricks. Now it isn’t too scary πŸ˜€

            1. I find that you very often *have* to pass a dangerous room to get to the stairs. Elementals can be quite troublesome.

              But yes, I’ll probably require a minumum distance between the stairs at first. We’ll see if that makes a difference πŸ™‚

  3. Tailor can’t upgrade silk gloves.
    Air elemental has electric immunity, but there is no info about this on the elemental.
    Invisibility could give +thievery.

    (and i have just won my first game in E :D)

    1. Congratulations on the win! πŸ˜€

      > Tailor can’t upgrade silk gloves.

      That’s because silk gloves don’t have an upgrade. It also don’t say that they can be upgraded in the description window.

      > but there is no info about this on the elemental.

      Hm.. for me it is. It says under resistances (to the left) that it has 200% rElec? Were you perhaps looking for the info elsewhere?

      > Invisibility could give +thievery.

      While it would make a lot of sense, invisibility is already really strong, so I don’t want to buff it further.

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