Better Tutorial

With the new release coming there are so many changes that huge parts of the tutorial needed to be rewritten. I have taken this opportunity to completely rewrite the tutorial system since the current one has a few problems:

  • It is long and can be tedious for some players (11 levels that needs to be completed in sequence).
  • The game asks if you want to do the tutorial every time you start a new game and you have to turn it off in the options.
  • You may want to replay the whole new tutorial each new release. It may be boring to play through the things you already know.

The New Tutorial

You will now instead choose to play the tutorial from the main menu (no longer will you be asked about it when starting a new game!). Playing the tutorial does not occupy a game-slot and cannot be saved.

Instead of having one 11-level tutorial, it now consists of a menu where you can choose which part of the tutorial you want to play. The menu will show which parts have already been completed.

The new tutorial menu


Each part of the tutorial is now one level only and can be replayed in any order and how many times you wish. Which levels are completed are saved in the options file.

On top of this (which you won’t be able to notice) I have refactored the tutorial code heavily so it is now much easier for me to edit, add and modify tutorial maps (before it was more or less hard-coded).

There is also a new tutorial that explains the new features in each new release so you don’t have to play through all of them if you played the game before. I might also add things like tactics or training tutorials or even gaming campaigns. These changes have opened up a lot of new possibilities.



    1. Yes! And the release finally starts to look finished. A little bit of polish and quite a lot of testing left to do. I will really try to stop myself from adding more features now 🙂

  1. Please do stop yourself, all this expectation for the new release started to become overwhelming 🙂

    As always, thank you for your dedication in TGGW

    1. I haven’t even blogged about the biggest change yet 😉 (not trying to build even more expectations…)

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