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Playtest v2.3

I now consider v2.3 to be done. However, due to a quite extensive changelog and an increasingly complex game I’d like to get some feedback and possibly catch some undiscovered bugs before I officially release it. For earlier versions I used to contact some of you to ask if you could play it a bit […]

The Ground Gives Way v2.2 is out!

This is a big release with many changes. The biggest changes are: The dungeon is now divided into themed sections [post] There’s an optional mid-game milestone. Combat mechanics have been greatly simplified [post, post] Speed has been reworked [post] Magic has been reworked [post] Improved user interface [post] Visible traps [post] Credits Thank you very […]

[YABR] Yet Another Bugfix Release

Release v2.1.3 is now out. It has a few more bugfixes and one change to NPCs. NPCs moving around really didn’t create any interesting situations and having them disappear and turn up just made it harder to keep track of. NPCs will no longer move and new ones will not spawn. They might still disappear, […]

The Ground Gives Way on Reddit

I decided to start a subreddit for The Ground Gives Way. All you have to do to join the discussion is to create an account on reddit if you don’t already have one and subscribe to r/thegroundgivesway. You are of course still welcome to post as much as you like on my blog posts on […]

Game Discussion

I’m delighted to announce that this website just reached a thousand comments! This is a great milestone and I am really happy that the game is being discussed so much, that you report bugs and give ideas and opinions about the game! Thank you all very much 🙂 Because of this high volume of discussion […]

More Fixes

I have been silent for a while. I have been busy with other things lately but am now back in development!  I’ve already been implementing a bunch of exciting stuff for the next major release which I will blog about soon. However, since v2 there has been a lot of bugs reported, and while v2.1.1 […]

Bugfix update

I released v2.1 a bit too quickly. There some bugs that, while very rare, can end your game immediately. I consider such bugs quite severe so I am releasing a quick fix for these bugs. In some rare cases stairs were generated in such a way that you couldn’t continue (thanks stone dog for reporting) […]

Version 2.1 is Out!

This is mostly a bugfix release based on feedback, but there are some significant changes as well. The biggest changes are: A new status “flanked“. A guarantee that stairs are reachable without taking damage from harmful terrain. Inanimate monsters no longer sleep to recover. Interface changes (no flickering, nicer item display) You now bump stairs […]