Bugfix update

I released v2.1 a bit too quickly. There some bugs that, while very rare, can end your game immediately. I consider such bugs quite severe so I am releasing a quick fix for these bugs.

  • In some rare cases stairs were generated in such a way that you couldn’t continue (thanks stone dog for reporting)
  • Jellies could generate in a way so they block your path completely if you can only deal non-lethal damage (thanks to gza for reporting)

Jellies will be frail until I come up with a better solution.

Another bug (thanks to roneitis for reporting) made enchantresses refuse to disenchant equipment, I think this bug were present even in v2.0. This has also been fixed.

You can download the fixed version here. For once it is actually save compatible with v2.1, so you can unzip it in the same folder.




  1. Too bad I’m not recording this run, while figthing a goblin guard “Your rusty iron gauntlets break!” yet I still have those equipped.
    Looks like a bug.

    1. Ah yes, it was reported before. It wasn’t critical enough to fix for this one. Will fix in the next release hopefully. Thank you!

    1. Yeah, another player also reported. Really thought I fixed it. Thank you very much, I will see what I can do.

  2. Reading a map crashed the game. When I reloaded the game and read the map again, it crashed the game again.

  3. If I have a full bag, I should be able to place items in it if they would “stack” with an item inside. Having to first remove an item is inconvenient, especially when my inventory is full.

    1. I was sure I had fixed that too? It doesn’t work in v2.1? Ok, will have a look again. Thank you!

      1. Okay, so actually pressing the number works, but it doesn’t give you the option in the sidebar to the right if the bag is full.

  4. I just won my very first run! This is the very first RL I’ve ascended ever! I’m so happy haha, time to spend some time “outside” now? :p

    1. Oh congratulations!! That’s awesome 🙂 You didn’t happen to record it? (I still haven’t watched your two newest uploads, will do soon).

      I knew you would make it soon, you play very well!

      1. Unfortunately it wasn’t a run I was recording.
        What I did is going “all-in” early (I read that from another player who comment here as well 🙂 ), at level 4 I was lucky to have a ring of haste, Block of 9 thanks to a tower shield, and drank 2 potions of resist elements.
        I had to rest because of nausea at level 10, but then I think I was lucky again how I’ve found the stairs at each level to go to 15 and up again.
        I’ll surely try to go “all-in” soon more then. 🙂

        1. Cool! Yes, interesting experiments to go all-in early! I haven’t yet tried it myself. Although it is one of the major strategies to do at some point. Usually I do it somewhere between level 8-11, but it seems doing it earlier is viable.

          1. I find myself playing way too… Conservatively? I always find myself exploring every level up to ~9, backtracking to ridiculous degrees to get every ounce of value I can find ,and I find myself very rarely diving at depths above ~12. This last run I won I didn’t do it until level 14! (By which point I was able to drink 4 battle potions) It’s interesting how my playstyle varies from the other tales I’ve read here.

            1. Yes, but I am very happy that the game is winnable with wildly different play styles as well! That is exactly what I want.

              If and when to dive depends extremely much on your situation though, what kind of items and equipment you have available.

        2. Congratulations on the win! I’m glad if my “early all-in” post helped at all. It certainly doesn’t work every time – I had several failures with it since posting.

          Nausea is my pick for the most dangerous effect, and by a large margin. The increased risk of getting hit with it is what ended several failed early all-in runs. Obviously poison and disease are very harmful, but they are usually pretty easy to solve, because I often find I have a stack of silver leaf, and maybe a bone.

          The other things that really hurt are -Speed (fairly common because of cold damage), or -Vision (hello Octopus beyond visual range).

          So the early all-in has the downside you end up trying to play through the pain of bad speed, vision, vulnerability, and even long times with confusion!

          But nausea… that’s the worst by far, and you usually cannot proceed very far before you have to sleep anyway.

          I’ve been meaning to write up the story of my “masochism run” where I abused the bug in 2.0 by coating a whip with a battle potion and whipping myself up into a crazy battle fury where enemies had zero chance to hit me and I would hit them every time with my battle axe and even more because of my barbarian armor. Absolutely wrecked anything in battle!

          However, eventually I got nausea and I was forced to sleep at level 14… I’ll write up the rest some time and share a few screen shots. It was a pretty interesting run even though it was totally based on exploiting a bug.

          1. Nausea is nasty yes, mostly because you cannot cure other ailments. But there are not too many things that gives nausea fortunately.

            Hahaha, yes, being able to whip yourself with beneficial potions is really bizarre 😀 I had hoped no one had time to abuse it before it was too late… Looking forward to that write-up, it is fun how bugs sometimes can be a source of enjoyment… masochism run is a good name 😀

            1. I’ve been too busy coding to play or post much but I’ll try to get that writeup in!

              So here are a few things built up I meant to mention:

              I wanted to tell you about the game I played over the weekend at a family gathering, my two nieces aged 4 and 6 were sitting there bug-eyed and absolutely engrossed in the run, I couldn’t believe how interested they were. We mostly agreed on tactics except they were both very much against me putting on chain mail boots because they really didn’t like the sound of +Noise. Highlights of their interest included the time we spent all our money on 4 apple pies, and when we diseased an octopus that shot us and then waited in the corner while it got sicker and weaker and shakier and eventually died. They also loved it when we took out a fire beetle with some snowballs. They had no problem with ASCII but I’m glad we didn’t have to do anything ethically questionable like poison a dog to survive.

              You’re right that the problem with nausea is that besides being unable to heal you also can’t cure other effects w/ a leaf anymore! I’m trying to remember where I most often get nausea. And thinking of this reminds me of something I meant to mention: Since status effects are so important in this game (which I like about it, your novel “til rest” duration system is an excellent bit of design) I think it could stand to have an animation when you are hit with an effect. Like [+Nauseous!] could pop up when I get hit with the effect, etc. I feel they are important enough to warrant such a grand exposition, and there were many times as a new player that I would look and say wait what, how long have I had that status effect and where the heck did it come from??

              Anyway – as I cast my mind back to how I get nauseous I think it’s zombies that do it. They are slow and beefy so you can just go around them, but they get you sick anyway. I seem to remember the other one being a trap, but I’m not certain that’s right.

              I have mixed feelings on ranged status effect hits or magic. Sometimes they feel very fair and I can see why they need to be in the game… If I’m fast I should be able to avoid everything dangerous in the game!

              But other times they feel unfair. The worst case is that I must pass through a room but when I enter I get immediately hit by a ranged attack that has a status effect which is crippling when stacked, and I know the attacker has a bunch of ammo. I’m thinking of Ink as one example. Those are the most frustrating because it doesn’t seem like I can do anything except walk forward into my own crippling.

              Frustrating but not as much are the non-crippling multi-shot situations, or the one-shot bad effect out of nowhere. So I walk into a room and ZAP my last food point is gone, or I’m diseased/confused. Or else I walk into a room and I’m shot with an arrow or a fireball, and I know there are more to come but I can’t even see the attacker. These feel border-line fair so I’m not sure what to say about them other than my feelings are mixed.

              Anyway, mixed bag and too long, but that’s what I’d been meaning to mention!

              1. Thank you for your input, it is very valuable to me!

                my two nieces aged 4 and 6 were sitting there bug-eyed and absolutely engrossed in the run

                Nice to see that that young kids can appreciate and understand the game, thank you very much for sharing 🙂

                how long have I had that status effect and where the heck did it come from??

                Yes, this is one flaw of the game currently. I’ve been postponing it since it is actually quite hard to implement as it looks like now. But it is certainly possible and very necessary so hopefully it will happen in a not too distant release.

                I have mixed feelings on ranged status effect hits or magic.

                Yes, this is hard to balance. I agree that ink is a bit OP at the moment. But I wanted it to be very viable to choose for example a light source over a shield for some characters. Seeing things in the dungeon before they see you is very important. If you see the monster you will at least be granted a chance to avoid the magic.

                When it comes to direct damage attacks, it is a bad idea to walk around with a hp lower than 5, especially deep in the dungeon.

                That said, I’m planing to replace some of the bad effects with aura-effects that disappears when the monster dies and remove infinite range attacks. Hopefully the next major release will be better balanced!

                1. Just for the record…

                  I do mention some of the times I get roughed up, but I don’t necessarily think you should sand off all these rough edges.

                  I *like* that the game is willing to occasionally drop a running lawnmower on top of my head, out of nowhere. Keeps me alert.

                  And that’s a very good point about the value of sight range!

    2. Did watch your new videos also now! The newest one seems promising as well! One comment: remember that equipping an amulet of magic actually makes sense before having wands as it increases your magic resistance!

  5. Why does the cattle prod upgrade to the shock prod? The shock prod seems actually a lot worse.

    1. Oops, that’s a bug. The shock prod should of course be better. Will fix, thank you!

    1. Those are taken with Windows 8 where you can choose “raster fonts” 12×16. I think this is one of the best fonts for the game. And these are old screenshots so the colour theme (in game) is “original”.

      1. thanks. But, I’m looking for the same font in .ttf to use it in a linux terminal with wine.

        1. ah ok, then you will probably not find it unfortunately. It just says “raster fonts”.

  6. This is a great game! I’ve really enjoyed it. There was one weird thing I noticed when I went down the stairs once. I think there was a goblin guard right next to the stairs, and I got 5 messages about him slamming into a wall before he died. Perhaps this is intentional, but I thought you might want to know, in case it wasn’t.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy the game! Yes, it is intentional but a but weird: if a monster occupies the square you descend the stairs on, it is knocked back, sometimes it would be knocked into a wall. This repeats until the monster is either dead or in a non-occupied square. Thanks for reporting!

  7. When grinding the dust off an item (in particular a rusty pickaxe) with a grindstone, it doesn’t stack with other items (pickaxes) until I drop it and pick it up again.

  8. So, do wands of sleep actually work and I’m just using them wrong or what? Is it actually possible to put enemies to sleep without immediately waking them up again?
    My experience is something along the lines of:
    “You surprise attack the ice worm [no chance to avoid]
    The ice worm falls asleep.!
    The ice worm wakes up.!”

    1. They’re basically instant kills on anything that sleeps if you have a low enough noise value. Other than that though, they’re fairly useless.

    2. It is only useful for stealthy characters. If monsters are awake for some reason (squeaky door, alarm trap etc) you can put them to sleep again, but this requires that you are out of noise range. It was originally intended for characters that relied entirely on stealth, but that is not a possible strategy anymore since some versions ago. But it can still be quite useful if your noise is below 4 or so.

      1. I’ve had a few stealth focused runs before. I just recently won off of 0 noise. I generally have to rely on a mix of range and magic to supplement, but it’s still alright.

        1. Yes, of course it is still a powerful build (and should be!), I just meant exactly that: you need to supplement with something more than just stealth. In earlier versions *all* monsters would sleep, so 0 noise was too powerful.

        1. Ahh… that’s definitely a bug and I know what it is now. Thank you, will fix!

  9. I mined out a space next to a downstair to a new level. I then tried to climb down from the mined out space. The game crashed.

  10. Huh. The hit chances for a monster don’t update when their stats change whilst they’re detected, but not seen.

    Like, I diseased a warrior, then watched as he suffered through my crystal ball. However, even when he got -13 melee, his hit chances under his moves was still listed at 70%. Noticed it multiple times throughout the run.

    This is a really specific set of circumstances.

    1. Yes, I am aware of that bug but haven’t fixed it yet. Your savefile should help, thank you!

  11. Also, I can’t eat a Teleberry while in fight because “You are too confused!”.
    Confusion is not Nausea. I should be able to eat this Teleberry right?

  12. Merchants that teleport when you rest can block your only path forward (or back, on the ascension run). Resting can make them move, but it does not seem to be guaranteed that they will.

    1. It looks like you can still take the stairs down to the next level right? At least it should be impossible to get stuck, but this is still a bug: you cannot explore the full level. It is also really weird that there are upstairs in the middle of a room. Thank you for reporting!

  13. I have a question about Disease.
    I’ve casted a Wand of Disease on some monsters on a dungeon level then went upstairs and waited for a long time (holding spacebar).
    But when I go downstair it seems the disease had no effect at all on them, as if time itself doesn’t run in the same dimension from a dungeon level to another, is that so?
    On an aside this could be an incentive to rework all the timed effect (Disease, Poison) with something based on the rest mechanics maybe?

    Well, other than that: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (with a bit of advance)
    I hope 2017 to be the year we’ll see a huge boost in TGGW player fan base, and new releases too! 😀

    PS: I’ve met a Predator for the first time. Scary as hell. Hopefully it was sleeping.

    1. Time only passes on the level you are on (this is quite common in roguelikes actually). Yes, this among other things makes disease and poison problematic (although I personally think this is a minor thing).

      Lucky you didn’t wake that predator up!

      Happy new year HedoNNN! Thank you very much for your continuous support and your videos and ideas this year. Your input have helped TGGW becoming a better game 🙂

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