Version 2.1 is Out!

This is mostly a bugfix release based on feedback, but there are some significant changes as well. The biggest changes are:

  • A new status “flanked“.
  • A guarantee that stairs are reachable without taking damage from harmful terrain.
  • Inanimate monsters no longer sleep to recover.
  • Interface changes (no flickering, nicer item display)
  • You now bump stairs to use them.
  • You can close doors on statues and braziers
  • There are no twisty stairs after level 10.

There’s also a huge number of bugfixes. There’s a “what’s new” tutorial for v2.1 that you can run to experience these changes and more.

You can download the game  and you can read the full changelog (which is actually surprisingly large for a bugfix release).

I hope you enjoy v2.1!




  1. Damn, I was almost halfway to my goal of getting a winning save in every slot! I had 4 out of 10 down!

    Still, very excited to try this new release!

    1. Wow! That’s really impressive 🙂 Unfortunately the saves are not compatible with the new version…

  2. I think the new changes are great, they add some nice tactical elements and it’s well balanced. But I think nonlethal immunity can be a bit problematic, considering it can sometimes be a while before a source of lethal damage is found. Consider having just entered L2:
    If the player doesn’t have lethality, this could be game over right here. In fact this happened a few times already.

    Also just some notes/bugs:
    1. Cannot select beyond 6 wands when targeting (was true in 2.0, not sure about 2.1)
    2. Some descriptions don’t entirely fit in the Description box.
    3. Bags can be inside bags. Maybe not a problem, but it might be exploitable.
    4. I picked up a miner’s pickaxe then later an icewind trap. Checked my inventory and the pickaxe was gone, instead I had 2 icewind traps. No idea where it went. I have the save and some screenshots if it helps at all.

    5. Started seeing many stairs only rooms since the update.
    Not really a problem, but not sure if 'useless stair rooms' were really intended.
    6. Suggestion: make sacks easier to see. Brown comma on black background is way too easy to miss.
    7. How about a way to target an "empty" square? This was because I knew where an invisible enemy was but could not zap it with a wand.
    8. Undead bane enchantment, this sounds way better than it is. Maybe it should add silver damage or something?
    9. Suggestion: warning before reading a scroll that will be wasted (e.g. trap detection when you already have trap detection)

    As always, great game!

    1. > 7. How about a way to target an “empty” square?

      I think that targeting features will come next.
      I do hope that targeting everything will become a thing after that.

      1. Not sure about “next”. I still haven’t come up with a good interface for being able to target squares. It is likely that the first thing that happens is that you can see tiles in the “discovered” menu.

    2. Thank you very much for your feedback! I really like your to-the-point numbered lists, it makes it easy to write down and to answer.

      You are right that jellies could block you coming from stairs, didn’t think of that!

      1. hm. Do you mean that you don’t see more than 6 wands or that it definitely didn’t work?
      2. Yes… I am aware, I should do something about that.
      3. I don’t consider it a problem, how could it be exploitable?
      4. This is a weird creeping bug that has shown up in some releases, but extremely rarely. I think the object store has become corrupted somehow. Not sure how to solve at the moment, but thanks for reporting.
      5. Yes, this is the new equivalent on arriving in a small empty room. It is a bit weird, I know.
      6. ok, will think about it.
      7. While I might add targeting empty squares for other purposes, it is intentional that you cannot target invisible monsters. This is to make “see invisible” more powerful.
      8. good point
      9. also good

      1. 1. I just meant that the window only displayed the first 6 wands for selection when targeting. I couldn’t see a way to select wand 7.
        3. I guess it’s not a problem, I just imagined heavily nested bags = ever expanding inventory (and the fact that it doesn’t make spatial sense)

        A few more:
        10. Lapidary tools can break (intended?)
        11. Lava bubbles, shouldn’t they be vulnerable to cold?

        1. 1. Yes, that I know. Maybe some of the less important parts of the target window should be hidden when that happens.

          3. Containers are very rare, so I can’t imagine it makes the game too easy… that it doesn’t make spatial sense is another thing.

          10. Most tools can break, it is intended.
          11. They should, thank you!

  3. Ummm… The enchantress is telling me that I can’t afford to have her disenchant the Knitted Mittens of the Dead she just enchanted for me…

    Really screwing with my semi-mage build…

    1. That’s very strange. The price for disenchanting should be negative, does it show up as negative?

    2. Nevermind, found the bug. Looks like I have to release yet another bug fix release… 🙂 Thank you for pointing this out!

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