Bugfix Release v2.1.2 is out!

This is just a small release that fixes some of the recently reported bugs and some old ones. There’s also one change to gameplay for stuck doors: instead of a cost of 2 Ep to try to open it (you had a 25% chance in previous the release), they now cost 4 Ep, but always open (if you have the Ep).

The most important bug fixes are:

  • You cannot end up in treasure vaults directly from stairs
  • You cannot activate other things than wands by pressing numbers
  • Monsters can no longer use their natural non-attack abilities against you
  • Some crashes (when reading a wall map at the edge of the screen, mining next to stairs)
  • Sleep spells now work correctly

Here’s the full changelog and the release can be downloaded here. Enjoy!



  1. Love the door change, but I’ve got a few more bugs.

    Ranged weapons of sedation don’t work, the enemies just wake up again.

    Casting multiple spells in succession on an enemy that is unaware still has them resisting. I’ve noticed this especially with Dragonflies.

      1. I’m not entirely sure. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen them do so, but maybe that’s due to the magic resist just not activating?

        1. Ahhhh.. now I know. To fix sleeping spells, I now wake up monsters before the effect hits them (before they were awoken afterwards, that’s why they woke up immediately after being put to sleep). Unfortunately this means that they are awake when the effect hits applied, giving them a chance to resist.

          Fix one bug, create another :p Thanks for reporting so quickly!

          1. Wait, so does this fix all spells, like Magic Missile, or just Sleep? I’m not sure you got what I meant. I meant that it happens with all spells, I haven’t had an opportunity to use Sleep yet.

            1. Yes, I think I understood. Monsters resisting spells while they sleep even though they shouldn’t, right? I’m just saying it was related to fixing the bug for sleep spells.

              The reason sleep spells didn’t work earlier was that I made them wake up after a wand was used against them. I fixed that bug by waking them up just before the effect took place instead. As a consequence, the check that checks for magic resistance now happens *after* they wake up, so that they get to resist even if they were sleeping…

              I have already fixed this by checking for magic resistance before waking them up, but waking them up before applying effects. This fixes both sleeps spells not working and magic resistance of sleeping monsters. It looks like I might have to release yet another bugfix release 🙂

              1. Ah yep, I get what you’re on about. This does seem good, but…

                Most of the monsters in my case were at not sleeping, just outside my noise range and in light. As such, they shouldn’t have been able to detect me, even if they were woken up. That said, they could still resist.

                1. Ahh ok! That’s something completely different. Then I did indeed misunderstood you, sorry! Well, at least I’ve solved one bug now 🙂 Will look for the other 🙂

  2. Thanks for the door change! 🙂

    In response to the disease and poison discussion, I like the idea of poison as a “1 point of damage per turn decreasing counter”. However, another idea I had was that poison does nothing until the counter reaches as high as your maxHP – then you die of acute poisoning. Harder part would be communicating this to the player. You could also prevent the counter from clearing on rest (and probably decrease all monster to doing only 1 poison) – you have to find a cure without letting the poison counter go too high, or you’re toast.

    As for disease, IMO the best would be for it to prevent HP restoration on the next resting. That would be different from other effects, powerful against monsters and very interesting against the player. Plus it would get rid of the easy getaway from nauseated starvation – right now I simply eat just before resting and get rid of both the nausea and disease, so the disease is quite inconsequential. And I like the idea of diseasing a badass monster I got to fleeing but cannot finish without dying, then killing it after a rest than refreshed only myself. 😀

    1. Hey, good to see you here too 🙂

      Thank you for the good and original ideas! The poison idea sounds a little bit too drastic, and as you say difficult to communicate to the player. But maybe with some work something like that could work.

      Your idea for disease is very good, simple and elegant! I will test it out!

      1. Thanks BtS for this new release! 😀
        The door change is really welcome.
        And I also find the disease idea from reddish_kangaroo very good. 🙂
        Poison could be something like -1 max HP/MP/EP each time you rest poisonned.
        Being diseased AND poisoned would be quite deadly, as it should.

        1. | Poison could be something like -1 max HP/MP/EP each time you rest poisonned.

          Maybe starting with maxHP drained based on level of poisoning before resting? So with poison (5), resting would clear the poison, but you would wake up with HP 5/5 and would need to rest again to regain it all.

          1. Thank you both for great ideas! I’ve really got thinking about this again and will test some things out. Cheers! 🙂

  3. Hey BtS, thanks for the new release. I’m having quite a lot of fun with the game, even if it is hard as hell :).

    I noticed what may be a bug, or at least unexpected behavior – you can eat from strawberry bushes while nauseated.

    All the best,

    1. Alas, one more bug to report.

      I reached level 15, grabbed an “ancient looking artifact” and ran up the stairs – only to find out that I cannot climb the up-strairs from level 5 to 4 (“You cannot climb the stairs from this direction!”).

      Am I screwed now, or is there something I missed?

      Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/d7FHx

      1. Oh no 🙁 Really sorry, yes that seems to be a terrible bug. It seems there have been an earthquake on that level and it has rearranged the entry point of the stairs. Something I didn’t think of could happen…

        I really think you should count that as a win though. Again, sorry, will fix for the next release (but it won’t be compatible with your savefile unfortunately).

        1. You’re right, I encountered an earthquake during that game, and I’m quite certain it was on that particular level.

          I don’t mind not having a regular win yet – at least, now I know that the game can be won at all ;). I found some nice gear during the run as well – a longsword and a “spiked shield of spikes” creates a terrifying melee combination, and other equipment helped as well. Alas, perhaps next time.

          Speaking of those (arbitrary?) entry points for staircases – are they necessary at all? I don’t think I ever saw stairs that could be approached from more than one direction anyway.

          1. It turned out to be more complicated than I had originally thought with stairs. The entry points are necessary when I check that a level is fully connected. An earthquake alters this (it didn’t before I had stairs bumpable in earlier releases) and ironically made my requirement of entry points the reason for causing a disconnected level…

            I will forbid earthquakes from altering terrain near stairs. Perhaps I’ll release yet another bugfix release because this was a particularly unpleasant bug, even if it is actually exceedingly rare…

            1. Understood.

              Perhaps instead of changing the earthquake behavior, you could perhaps call another check for full connection after earthquake happens? Don’t know what would be easier and/or more consistent :).

              1. If the level is disconnected after the earthquake I wouldn’t know what to do… so it is better to just prevent earthquakes from touching the neighbourhood of stairs. Should be quite straightforward 🙂

    2. Hello ZicherCZ! Really happy you like the game. Yes, eating strawberry bushes while nauseated is a bug that I forgot to fix. Thank you!

  4. Great changes! the stuck doors change especially. I got to Level 15 and no artifact to be found. No idea what happened. Here is a screen http://imgur.com/a/zDxax. I have the saved game too. Weird.

    Also it is confusing when upgrading a ring in the 2nd ring slot at jeweler, it will show comparison stats but only vs the 1st ring slot which is wrong I believe.

    1. Ouch 🙁 A bugfix release and already two players have lost winning characters to bugs… I’m really sorry..

      The artifact room seem to have generated normally and the artifact is always placed in the middle. I have no idea what can have happened.

      A few questions if you can remember:
      – was there something else instead of the artifact in the room?
      – did you rest on this level?

      Yes, please send me the save. It probably won’t help that much since the problem might have been during the generation of the level, but I should at least be able to see if the artifact is in the object registry at all.

      Thanks also for reporting the bug about ring comparison!

        1. Thank you very much! The artifact is not in the object registry which could mean it didn’t generate, but it can also mean that it somehow got destroyed. I will investigate, but I have never heard about this before, so at least I hope that it is exceedingly rare that this happens. Still serious though.

          By the way, nice character! Immune to physical and nearly immune to fire and three wands of restoring in case anything else would happen! 🙂 Really sorry he won’t be able to ascend 🙁

          1. Dual stormblades too! Also I was just thinking, what happens if you find two rods of recharging? Infinite rod usage?

            1. Ah yes, missed the dual stormblades. Really great build then 🙂

              Yes, but finding two rods of recharging would be so rare so I think that is an ok consequence. I think 110% armour actually is more powerful.

              Edit: thinking more about it, maybe it would be OP. Infinite fire storm or infinite healing could be potential consequences. I guess rods or recharging should not be rechargable…

                  1. On the other hand, just think about the feeling when the player finds two rods of recharging and figures out it means infinite rod charges…

                    Oh yeah! 😛

  5. I did it!


    All working saves in the 2.x updates. My last run had an interesting moment where I rested on the artifact altar and grew tentacles instead of hands, but with a few boosts and 4 chocolate milks I managed to fight my way through that one room with statues on every alternating square!

    Seriously man, this is the greatest game.

    1. Wow! What an achievement!! It feels great that someone have beat the game more times than me 😀 Let me know if the game is getting to easy for you 😉

      That last win sounded epic! Big congratulations, right now you’re the TGGW master 🙂

    1. Actually not a bug. There’s no guarantee that every area on the map is accessible without swimming in lava/water. It is only guaranteed that any path between stairs is free from such.

      1. Ok, thanks. 🙂

        BTW, would you think about showing the Ep cost of using dungeon features next to them in the Features window on the right side of the screen? While I have no problem with trial and error gameplay, you’re trying to go for transparency and showing the cost eg. in square brackets would allow the player to easily identify which features will require his resources and which not.

        For example, you would see:

        + stuck wooden door [4 Ep]

        1. This is a very good idea, especially since I’m planing to add more dungeon features with Ep-costs!

          The door change was very well received so I think in general players prefer a predictable cost over randomness. An idea I’m thinking of is to give wall maps a fixed cost of 1 Ep (for studying and memorizing) instead of having them randomly confuse you for example. This makes it more of a strategic decision whether to read it or not.

          1. That sounds cool! Something like lever-operated gates and drawbridges? 😀

            I’m not sure how other players would like it, but some minor puzzles (use lever to raise the drawbridge to the downstairs; find key to the locked door) could be nice, especially in the later parts of the dungeon, where they could force you to actually explore a bit and not simply run for the nearest downstairs. Not that I wouldn’t be dying even without them. 😀

            1. I’m interested in procedurally generated puzzles for sure, but it’s not an immediate priority right now.

              That said, the next major release is (probably) going to have things that encourages exploration: there will be two interesting things to look for in the mid-dungeon. More about that in a later blogpost..

  6. I may have one suggestion for enhancement – when something hits you by surprise, you don’t know what effects this hit caused, nothing is displayed in the damage log. It’s quite easy to fail to notice any stat changes, especially if you’re hit multiple times.

    Could we perhaps have some more immediate information about surprise hit effects?

    1. Sorry for double post, but I would like to expand this a bit – generally, if you are hit by attack causing damage, you get to see the damage and type. But if the attack causes attribute loss, the desriptions are a bit vague, or nonexistant (in case of surprise hits). The same goes for disease, which can cause multiple effects.

      For the sake of clarity, would it be possible to see the effect of these attacks in the message log as well?

      1. Fully agree. This is clearly a flaw in the game and some have pointed it out before. It doesn’t only apply on surprise hits, there’s generally no feedback when you get a status effect or an attribute change.

        It is surprisingly hard to fix with the current implementation unfortunately. Effects come from so many different sources and there are only some of them that should be reported. However, it is important and I need to fix it in some release soon.

    1. Regarding the armourer, I take it that is an armourer that was not there from the start? It was spawned or moved right? I will fix that!

      Regarding traps, there’s always a small chance of accidentally triggering the trap when you try to set it.

      1. The armourer indeed wasn’t there otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go to deeper levels. 🙂
        Good luck with fixing those bugs, I hope you stay motivated to update the game, the fact that we’re finding those bugs is a proof we’re playing and enjoying your game a lot actually. 😀

        1. Yes, I am very grateful that I get this bug reports so quickly, so thank you very much! But yeah, I also feel a bit frustrated that there are so many bugs 🙁 I’m making it a priority to fix them as quickly as I can. There will probably be a 2.1.3 bugfix soon.

          I’m starting to realise that for larger releases I have to do more extensive playtesting involving more players before releasing to avoid this. There are so many possible interactions and combinations of things that can happen in the game that it is very hard to find all of them.

          But yes, I’m really happy that many players are playing and enjoying the game. That is truly motivating 🙂

          1. You can count on us to test the game.
            Know that TGGW is now the only RL I play, because I have less time than before I have to priorize my leisure time and your game is my fav. 🙂

            1. Thank you very much, I will let you know when I have something to test 🙂 I feel really proud and happy that you prioritize to play TGGW 🙂

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