More Fixes

I have been silent for a while. I have been busy with other things lately but am now back in development!  I’ve already been implementing a bunch of exciting stuff for the next major release which I will blog about soon.

However, since v2 there has been a lot of bugs reported, and while v2.1.1 fixed some of them, there were more, and yet more have been reported since then. I’m planing to have yet another bugfix release out (v2.1.2) in about a week or so. After that I hope to return to develop new stuff for the game 🙂



  1. So cool! Can’t wait to see more and more features! 😀

    Two things I want to share for now:

    In this run the ONLY way from level 3 to 4 was entering this golden vault. In which I died miserably.
    I had another run where stairs directly lead into a golden vault but hopefully there was a second stairs to go to the same level without going through the golden vault.
    You may want to keep it as it is, but I just wanted you to notice that it is possible that the only way through could be through a golden vault, which is almost a sentence of death. ^^

    Am I doomed here? :/
    Am I gonna die of poison? I can’t eat anything and I have no magical ways to Restore from effects.
    It won’t be my first time to die because of nausea though…
    What would you do?

    1. 1. Yes, this is a bug and I have already fixed it in 2.1.2. You are not supposed to land in golden vaults from stairs 🙂

      2. Nausea has a trick to it that most seem to be missing (I ought to put it in the FAQ right with the stuck doors). If you have 0 food and are nauseous you can still eat food that gives nutrition (although it will make you diseased). You cannot die from nausea if you have food in your inventory.

      EDIT: oh, now I realize that I had already put it in the FAQ 😀

      1. 1. Good. ^^

        2. Ah yes it is indeed in the reference page.

        Any chance that future versions will have the references to be consulted inside them?

        1. Yes, I would like to have most information available in-game. Probably there will be a menu like “discovered monsters” for discovered effects. But probably it will be later than v2.2. In the meantime I’ll keep the online one up to date.

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