The Ground Gives Way v2.2 is out!

This is a big release with many changes.

The biggest changes are:

  • The dungeon is now divided into themed sections [post]
  • There’s an optional mid-game milestone.
  • Combat mechanics have been greatly simplified [post, post]
  • Speed has been reworked [post]
  • Magic has been reworked [post]
  • Improved user interface [post]
  • Visible traps [post]


Thank you very much gza, HedoNNN and Roneitis for helping me out with testing this release and for your detailed and continuous feedback, you really help shaping the game! Also thank you to reddish kangaroo for inspiration for some new items and mechanics. Finally, thank you to everyone who have submitted bug reports or feature requests.


You can download the new release here. As usual, saves are not compatible with previous versions. I recommend that you play the “what’s new” tutorial for this release and to consult the reference document if you encounter any new effects.

I hope you enjoy v2.2!





  1. Jeez, i don’t dare to download it. I should work. AAAAAAAA 😀

      1. OK, i played some levels fast. Ohhh, this is again an other game 😀 You’ve made several great roguelikes while developing this game. People should come here to pick up the dead ideas to make great games 🙂 It is kinda interesting to see these changes. I’m pondering if it was be possible to make a game where you would go through a this kind of rule evolution in time. So you start the game with #1 and go through rule changes to 2.2. The challenge would be to make these changes natural for the player. To make a world, where it wouldn’t be annoying if physics changes all the time.

        1. With v2 I decided that I will go experimental: no mechanic is set in stone and everything is up for debate or subject to change. That is the main reason I even call it “v2” as to suggest it is kind of another game 🙂

          Well there are in total 10 major releases now. I agree it would be really cool (if it was possible) that each level would reflect a version… unfortunately that would be nearly impossible to do (or at least way too much effort). However, I might do a blog post that tells the history of the game at some point. The three year anniversary is coming up 🙂

          1. this 2.2 is a huge release again! For me it is like v3. It is totally huge what you do with this game. For me it is more like an evolution from games to new games. Like new monkey species varieties 😀 From macaque to chimpanzee, then to gibbon. Maybe because I play it a lot, and know the actual game very well. I didn’t feel this with other games.

            1. True, there are almost as many changes between v2.1 and v2.2 that there were between release #7 and v2.0.

              This is also why I have now started to keep the old versions for download. The versions are so different so that they are almost different games as you say.

              Expect changes like these even in the future 🙂

  2. Fantastic! Thank you so much for making such an awesome game!
    I unfortunately have a computer issue (my fan makes a LOUD grinding noise) I can’t fix (I use a Surface Pro 3), so further recording of let’s play will be delayed until I don’t know when. 🙁

    1. And that you for all the feedback! Unfortunate that you won’t be able to record for a while, I hope it will be solved somehow so that you can record again. I’ve really been enjoying your videos 🙂

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