A Richer Dungeon

As most of you know, the dungeon in TGGW is 15 levels deep. However, even with only 15 levels, the entire game looks very samey and monotonous. In v2.2 I’m introducing something very special… the dungeon will no longer look like it did. The dungeon is now divided into themed dungeon sections.

I am not going to spoil how the dungeon is divided, that is for you to discover. But I will reveal how it now looks when the ground gives way and you fall into the underground:

The dungeon looks different…

The walls and floors are different, and the place is now called “Underground” instead of just level. You are going to find other places as well, and don’t worry if you liked the looks/aesthetics of the current version, you will find that too…

Themed Sections

Each section of the dungeon has its own theme and have their own features and monsters. Most monsters from v2.1 are still in the game, although some have been added, removed, changed or moved (in level) for the new themes. All in all, the game is still very much the same as before.

In general, I’m moving in a direction of adding more theme, flavour, story and setting than previously. The game is still going to be a mostly combat oriented though.

In addition to this, v2.2 features an optional mid-game milestone to reach in addition to the artifact at the bottom. With these changes I intend to add a richer and more varying experience as well as to differentiate the early, middle, and end stages of the game more. There’s still a lot of balancing and adjustments to do, but the main work for the dungeon sections are already done. v2.2 will be a very different experience from v2.1!


  1. Wow, great, I like flavor 🙂 But don’t worry too much on this. Monotony is not always bad, a chess board is kinda monotone as well and a football field as well 🙂

    1. Fully agree 🙂 Especially not in a game like this. I usually describe roguelikes to people not familiar with them as kind of a board game.

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