Some Delays…

Unfortunately I recently encountered a problem that requires me to re-write parts of the code (this is because the equipment comparison screen didn’t work correctly with the new mechanics) so I couldn’t release in the end of September as I planned. The re-writing is almost done now, but I need some time to test it properly, and in addition I will be quite busy this week so I don’t know exactly when I will release, but it will be soon enough…



  1. hey there BtS,

    ok, I finally give up refreshing roguebasin’s page every 10 minutes now for the 7th release of TGGW 🙂

    joking aside, just wanted to say good luck with the re-writing and testing

    jumping on the ground till the day it will give way again

    1. Thank you! It is good to know that you are waiting! 🙂
      Since it was quite a fundamental part I had to rewrite I feel I need to test it properly before I release. Any day now…

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