New Weapon Types

This is most likely the last blog post before the release. I am still testing and fixing some minor bugs, but the release will hopefully be released before the end of September!

I have even started to update the manual to the next release (not finished yet, but you can have a look if you are curious).

Before that, I just wanted to tell about some of the new weapon types of this release.

Reaching Weapons

There is one monster in TGGW that can make a melee attack on a range, and that is toads. But from the next release, you will be able to it as well. Some weapons will now reach longer than one square, and the effect is called “reach”. To make a melee attack at a distance you target a monster as usual and press ‘0’ (the UI will give you a hint).

Silver Damage

Some weapons are made of silver and will deal a new type of damage: silver damage. Silver damage is harmless to all monsters except undead. However, silver damage is usually dealt in higher amounts making it highly effective against the undead.



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