Buff-wands are changed

Some of the wands in the game increase your attributes at the expense of temporary draining your max-mana. The original intention of such wands was that you should not be able to buff your attributes to extreme values by restoring your mana and keep buffing (the mechanics was inspired by Incursions way of handling buff magic). However, given that there are so few ways to restore mana, this was really not an issue. In addition, the buff mechanics had confusing and unintuitive consequences:

  • If you zap an unidentified buff-wand at a monster you didn’t lose any mana (the monster did though).
  • If you drain your max-mana to 0 you can suddenly equip mana-draining equipment because they are only blocked if your mana is lower than the max-mana.
  • Different wands had different rules, making the game unnecessarily complex.

The New Buff-Wands

The new mechanics of a wand of war.

The new mechanics of a wand of war.

The buff wands are still in the game, but now they work just like all other wands, except that they can be used only once daily (just like rods). This means that you cannot buff yourself repeatedly with the same wand, which was my original intention.

Just like rods, wands will no longer stack, so if you happen to find more than one wand you can use its buff more than once, provided that you have enough mana (at the cost of occupying an inventory slot). Moreover, while a buff wand is in effect it is bound to you and you have rest or restore temporary effects before you can drop it.




  1. Hey there,

    I took a pause from playing tggw a while ago because of work mainly.
    I did play a lot of brogue (another favorite of mine) and now that I’m back playing tggw i realize again how amazingly awesome your game is.
    All the things, in which it differs from other contemporay (coffee-break-like) roguelikes, I just love. Especially, the resting mechanic is just genius; I cant wait to see other authors pick it up and make their own thing with it.
    Yeah, so it’s really cool and exciting to see you so actively developing and making the game even better. Tggw is truely a roguelike-gem to me and I think it will become more and more popular with time for sure.

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know, how much i appreciate your effort and that you share this great game!

    1. Thank you so very much Lua! 🙂 I am truly happy to hear this, and it is very motivating for me to work on TGGW when I hear it is appreciated!

  2. I don’t know, new buff wands look too different from elemental wands for me. Did you think about describing them like new objects – charms, runestones or blessed seals maybe?

    1. You know, I had the exact same idea! This would also mean that they wouldn’t have to be listed in target menu which saves up for number keys and space.

      That said, it will probably not happen for the next release as it is more complicated to implement, and I’d have to think about if they should be identified and such. But it might very well be something I implement in the future.

      Edit: at least the new wands are now less different than they used to be, so this is not a new addition, just a simplification of the old ones that used up max mana.

  3. Hey BtS, finally back and got around to finishing that stealth run. A win was almost inevitable with the way the RNG was handing me gear 😉

    I posted the run along with screenshots I took along the way here. Have fun reading 🙂

    By the way, I came across another bug: I found a rusty pickaxe and a grindstone on level 15–ground off the rust, then equipped it. The message log said “You equip a pickaxe.” but it wasn’t anywhere to be found (not in hands, not in inventory or on the ground…). I think I recall this happening with another item before as well. Wasn’t too important by then, but I would’ve really missed it early on when I needed gold!

    Some suggestions:
    -Log messages should save in between loading (I don’t have much time to play, so any longer games are usually split up into many sessions).
    -The full message log should be scrollable (maybe you’re already adding that along with the new scrolling feature in the upcoming release?). This would’ve helped some when I came back to my saved game after a long time.
    -I really like the fact that there’s an outdoors area after the end. If you have the time, it would be neat to allow the player to find the main road again and walk home where friends and family say a few things. No combat, just a little overland segment.

    1. Awesome story really! Thank you very much for posting!

      Yeah, it makes sense to save the log messages, I guess it is exactly upon reloading they are most useful actually. Scrolling the messages are also something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, I don’t think it’s going to be in the next release, but probably the one after that. There’s definitely potential for things in the outdoors area, thanks for your suggestions.

      1. Yep, thought it’d also be a good way to draw more attention to TGGW since it’s so new and still quite a few people haven’t heard of it before.

        1. Yes, that is very helpful, thank you very much! I really appreciate your support 🙂

  4. Just wanted to point out a minor typo in the Tutorial.. Floor #7, Tutorial #5 it says:

    “The weapon will remain coted until you rest.”

    I would assume that was intended to be “coated” as the next sentence refers to “coating”.

    Keep up the great work on the game!

    1. One more quick typo.. I ran into a trap on a door that said I got hit by a “swining” log, which puts me in mind of tree-sized bacon.

      1. haha ops 🙂 Thank you for the typos, will correct them for the next release! Also, thank you for playing!

  5. Thanks to Kyzrati for attracting new people to the game. It’s a lot of fun! Really enjoying the large number of possible RNG permutations VS the short length of the game.

    1. Yes, I am very thankful to him, he really have helped in making the game visible. I am really happy you like it! My idea with the game is exactly that – to make each short game truly different from each other. Thanks for playing and for commenting! A new release is coming very soon!

  6. Hey, I keep checking the website for the new version.
    While, I’m here, I noticed two things, that might not be intentional:

    in this scenario:
    it seems impossible to close the door from the north

    also, it is possible to use ranged attacks through the “see-through-doors”

    1. Hey! Thank you for your patient waiting. I know I haven’t updated for a while… The new version is on its way and will definitely be released during December.

      As for your your comments, both situations are intentional. Portcullises have holes big enough to shoot through and the same goes for arrowslits. Regarding doors surrounded by statues, it is intentional but maybe not very logical…

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