Preview of the Upcoming Release

This is just a quick post showing what I’ve been working on lately and that will show up in Release #5. The new release will be pretty different from the previous ones in many ways, mostly because of the recent changes. But there’s a lot more coming:

Ranged Combat Targeting

Since the ‘range’ attribute has been removed you can shoot any monster you can see. Whether this is going to be useful or not is going to depend on your ‘Missile’ attribute and your distance from the target. Previously the target cursor turned blue as when you could shoot a monster, but since you now always can shoot a monster that you can see the colour of the cursor is utilized in a different way.

If your chance to shoot a monster is less or equal to 10% the cursor will turn red, if it is more or equal than 90% the cursor will turn cyan, and in other cases blue. If you don’t have any means of shooting, it will stay yellow. This should make it easier to determine whether you are wasting your ammo or not in an instant.

Character Sheets

It is now finally possible to make a text file of your character at any time (while playing, after you die or after you win) showing your progress, including the map, your attributes, inventory, equipment etc. This makes it possible to make YASD/YAVP posts, or to keep a memory of your character without keeping the save slot (or when upgrading to a newer release).

Scrolling the Side Panels

scrollIt will be possible to scroll the side panels with the page up/page down keys when they are full. This is something that should really have been in the game from the start and will make it easier to get a proper view of what you have around you.

New Content

The next release also have plenty of new content: naturally a lot of items have been changed since one attribute has been changed, but there are also new monsters, features, abilities, enchantments and more for you to discover.

I expect that Release #5, a darker and scarier The Ground Gives Way, will be out in a couple of weeks, probably and appropriately after the daylight saving time in Europe and America ends…




  1. Very excited about this.

    I’d argue it’s probably the most feature rich coffee-break roguelike out there. It’s my go-to game when I don’t feel like really digging into one of the more overwhelmingly big roguelikes out there.

    1. Thank you Fluff! That’s pretty much what I’m going for, really glad you like it!

      1. Not a problem! You’ve definitely succeeded; Each update I’m amazed at how you can still add a significant amount of stuff while maintaining the overall feel of the game (and not get into NetHack-y kitchen sink territory :P)

        1. Yes, I hope you will still feel it after the next release, as you’ve seen it will have a slightly different feel since I’ve introduced light and shortened the field of view. In my own opinion it really still feels very much TGGW.

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