It is Coming…

It has been a while since I posted here… I just wanted to tell that Release #5 is on its way and will be released very soon (definitely before the holidays)!

I have also made some changes to the webpage (new colours, new screenshots) to reflect on the now darker version that is about to be released. I have also put some of the comments from players that has been posted on my blog on the front page (thank you very much!). If your comment is there and you for some reason want to remove it (or your nick) just let me know.

I am sorry for the long wait, in the meantime you can have a sneak preview of the full changelog.



  1. Hehe, I see you reduced the price of the wand of death after reading about my playthrough ;). It really wasn’t worth it compared to what else you can get for the same gold.

    Wand of webbing affecting ranged combat will be pretty useful, and I like that dead adventurers might have better stuff, because it used to seem like it was more dangerous than not to touch them, so I began avoiding them altogether.

    Great changelog overall–looking forward to R5!

    1. Yes exactly, it was really helpful to read that playthrough, and I realized that that pricing didn’t make sense. And I noticed the same behaviour for myself; I also started to avoid dead adventurers, so something had to change.

      Thank you Kyzrati, I really hope you’ll enjoy #5!

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