Spells on Equipment

A new feature that I’m excited about is a new way of obtaining spells: from equipment! From v2.4 equipment may contain spells (just like wands) and lets you cast spells while wearing the equipment.


The spells from equipment work exactly like those from wands. They have a range, an Mp-cost, a target type and an effect. Some can be cast only once per day and they can be resisted by the “avoid spells” attribute.


The integration into the game is really smooth and intuitive. The spell obtained from an equipped item is added to the list of spells in the target menu (when you target yourself or a monster). That’s the most natural way to cast the spell, but another possibility is to select the item with the spell from the equipment menu, where you simply can examine the spell with ‘x’ or cast it with ‘c’.

Examining the spell gives you a view of what firebolt does

Examining the spell gives you a view of what firebolt does

Wielding a firesword will let you cast firebolt

Wielding a firesword will let you cast firebolt

New Items and Enchantments

There are many new items with spells, some old items have also been enriched with spells (for instance, the magic staff lets you cast magic missile). There are also a lot of enchantments that lets you cast spells.

There are some new spells which are only obtainable from equipment. You can now finally (something I have wanted to have in the game for a long time) cast fireballs from a firesword for example. Of course, the item needs to be equipped in order to cast the spell.


  1. As much as I really love this addition (more stuff is always good!) my only concern is that such new powers could maybe make the game easier somehow…
    Do you also plan new things or mechanics to humble our @s to death? 🙂

    1. I would say that doesn’t. It increases the options and availability of spells, yes, but spells are still limited by Mp so this is actually only useful as long as you have the Mp for it. And I think the recent AoO change have made the game quite a lot more difficult, so even if it is slightly easier by this change I don’t think that will be a problem.

      I’m quite happy with the overall difficulty with the game right now; do you feel that it is getting too easy?

      1. Happy New Year! Just discovering your reply now, I have no alert for replies on comment I don’t know why 🙁

        I do think that the game is getting a little bit too easy… once you past the Castle.

        Before that it can be and generally is absolutely crushing.

        Or maybe I have a style of playing which make later game easier for me? Don’t know really.

        1. It is definitely easier after castle if you know what you’re doing, but that’s intentional. The castle is where you perfect your build.

          I also don’t get notifications for comments anymore and I don’t know why. It is good to know that it seems to be the same for you.

  2. This finally fixes a problem that you’ve had for ages with ranged weapon enchantments! You could add ranged weapon spells! I think it would be /really/ cool if there was a bow enchantment that summoned magic arrows.

  3. Bug: I was mutated to get scissor hands, but my tower shield (despite having the message saying I dropped it), stayed equipped.

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