More Transparency and More Colour

In this post I will describe two smaller and quite unrelated features.

More Transparency

I am trying to make most things in TGGW as transparent as possibly, i.e., you should not have to look up things or have to ask about how important things work. For this reason I have introduced some additional info on each item (which is automatically generated). The type of info includes:

  • Whether an item can be upgraded/coated/enchanted/grilled or dropped
  • Whether it can be used in combat.
  • Whether the item can stack with other items.
  • And other similar information…

    Item the descriptions are now richer.

    Item descriptions are now richer.

While this does reduce some of the first-time-you-play-experimentation, it relieves the player from memorizing how different items work. There are still plenty of surprises for a new player.

More Colour

This is a work in progress, but it is now possible for messages to have different colours on the same line. This allows for easier reading of the message log as you can more clearly distinguish between different concepts. In v2.4 only some messages will be coloured, but the idea is that each new version will have a little bit more distinct colours.

Messages can now have different colours




  1. The title led me hope that you’ve been able to go beyond the 16 colors palette and added an alpha layer… :'(

    Coincidentally, I just recorded a let’s play yesterday where I backtracked up to the castle to try to upgrade some gloves with a tailor… and he wasn’t able to do it!

    Those new informations will save some valuable time then. Thanks.

    I’ll try to upload the let’s play today on my Youtube channel “For Some Reason”.

  2. > The title led me hope that you’ve been able to go beyond the 16 colors palette and added an alpha layer… :'(

    Sorry… that would have been a nice post indeed…

    > I’ll try to upload the let’s play today on my Youtube channel “For Some Reason”.

    Looking forward to it! 🙂

      1. Nice run, it was fun to watch! Too bad with the water elemental (btw, they are one of the most dangerous monsters in the lab actually).. you even had the healing rod left.

        Some comments:
        – you do understand invisibility correct, but pixies can see invisible! The pixie even made a comment about it that you missed (see 33:42).

        – thx for pointing out the error about “inflammable” 🙂 (edit:

        1. Water elementals have been the death of many a powerful run relying on a strong iron item… Poison Elementals are also pretty dang intense, but not so common…

          1. I don’t remember how early you started to play, but water elementals was in the game back when drowning damage was a thing, and back then they were even deadlier (but the game wasn’t quite fair back then).

            The poison elementals, yeah… they are meant to be very scary indeed…

        2. Yeah I had a good run I was happy with the decisions I had to make I never felt dependent on (mis)luck, I was just not attentive enough for some things including the Elemental. ^^

          It’s actually the first time a Water Elemental kill me so I may have underappreciated its dangerosity.

          lol at the Simpsons!

  3. I like this new info. Given that you will not see what the item will be upgraded/grilled/etc. into, you still retain the surprise when you see the upgrade at a NPC. 🙂

    BTW, I happened upon a thing I’m not sure is a bug because I wasn’t able to try it out before dying (coming back after a while not playing, I’m dying a lot) – restoring will remove tmp exhausted and you will have 0 EP but not exhausted. Is exhausted actually responsible for redirecting EP damage into HP? If so, this might make you immune to EP damage. If not, it still removes an effect that should logically remain until you have more than 0 EP.

  4. Yes! This RL is literally the most cohesive, clear, and beautiful ASCII roguelike. I cant wait for the next version! Thank you for this game!

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