Updated Reference

The game manual is really a pain to keep updated during to the amounts of change the game is seeing, and keeping the manual up-to-date would require a lot of time that could be spent on development. Instead, the reference document have become the source of important information that I keep up to date. When I created it, it was intended as a reference for in-game effects so you quickly can look up what they are.

But I realized there are more things than effects that are important to keep track of, and so the document is growing with other important information which is not readily available in-game or elsewhere.

Since this document is text-only, and very compact and brief, it is much easier to keep up-to-date, and it is becoming more and more like a manual or wiki. I recently updated the document with a table of contents, a section about attack types and their rules and detailed rules for vision and hearing.

Let me know if you have wishes for information to be put in the reference document. I might distribute it as an offline html file in coming releases too.

Here’s the updated reference.