Thank you very much! Release is getting closer!

First I want to thank you so very much for your amazing response on the development version! I have collected a lot of comments, suggestions and bug reports for v2.5, and I’m really happy for that! There are some consequences of this, so to use an old cliché: there are some good new and some bad news.

The Bad News

The bad news is that I’ve realized that v2.5 is less finished than I had thought. I fixed a lot of things already, but there are still bugs, issues and tweaks that needs to be done. My first projection was to be able to release the stable version around now, but I see now that that will not be possible. I’m not going to make a new prediction, since that stresses me and may not be accurate anyway. I’ll need at the very least one more week, but probably more.

The Good News

The good news is that, thanks to your feedback, v2.5 will be more polished, bugfree and consistent!  I’ve also found more bugs from the v2.4 release that I will fix. I think I finally found the weird bug that in rare circumstances duplicated inventory items, for instance.

Some reported bugs have led me to rewrite some systems to work better as well, I will post about these changes shortly.

The Development version will be updated

I’ll keep updating the development version, and keep a separate changelog (which will later merge with the official version), so you can track the changes I make. You are very welcome to keep posting feedback and reports in the meantime. I read and write down everything I get, but I don’t promise that all the feedback will be accounted for in v2.5.

I’ve learned that putting up a development version helps very much with development and that my own automated tests and playtesting is insufficient. For future versions I’ll probably put up a development version much earlier to start collecting feedback earlier.

I will put up a new test/development version in a few days. Thank you all again!


  1. Thanks for the update. 🙂

    Please give us a shoot when/if you release another dev version to test!

  2. Interesting news….

    BTW, the skeleton archer has a range of 2 for his arrows…

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