A New Release is Approaching

I have almost finished a new release (Release #2) of The Ground Gives Way. I had initially planned to include more in this release but since I have discovered (and fixed) some pretty serious bugs in release #1, I want to get a new version out as soon as possible. The rest of the plans have to wait for another release.

One of the bugs (a really stupid little one that really had a huge impact on gameplay) prevents enchanted items from appearing in the dungeon and in chests. One of the purposes for entering vaults (rooms with golden doors) should be to obtain enchanted items… this should make the game quite a lot more exciting, and it feels really awkward that such a fundamental thing was missing from the first version.

In addition, there will be a few other goodies such as a quick restart option (restart the game with one keypress), easier access to resting, many spelling corrections and support for vi-keys. The new version will be out in a few days. The major reported bugs have been fixed although some minor things will still be there in the second release.



  1. Wow, no wonder those special rooms had more mediocre treasure than seemed intended 😉 Are these “enchanted” items better than anything we’ve seen so far?

    Sent you a bug report via e-mail (just mentioning in case the attached zip/save doesn’t go through for some reason).

    1. It is the same kind as you would get from an enchantress if you have used them. If you haven’t, yes they are definitely better so it will be worth to entering those rooms now! Saw the mail, fixed the bug, thanks 🙂

      1. Actually, now I realise that the same bug prevented enchantresses from enchanting, so there are no enchanted games in the whole first release 🙁 Well well, that hopefully makes the next release more exciting…

        1. Haha, good to know. I’ve met enchantresses before, but never had any money to pay :/ In fact, in all my many games I rarely have enough money to pay for anything… I either find money and die, or find money and no merchants, or find merchants and no money.

  2. I had a bit of a bug in dark rooms where as I moved a monster would be revealed. But then when I moved away from the monster and it followed me there were drawing artifacts sometimes so that the monster would appear to be present in 3 or 4 different squares at the same time even though I know there is only one monster in the room. So if a monster is in [12,23] and it moves north following me in to [12,24] there will be a monster shown in both squares, even though I shouldn’t be able to see the first square as it’s outside my viewing radius in the dark room.

    1. Isn’t that just the normal behavior showing you where you saw a monster before? This happens anywhere, it’s just a lot more noticeable in dark rooms since you can only see what’s adjacent to you. I suppose while this isn’t really a “bug” per se, if it’s obvious that the monster following you was the one standing in the previous cell it may as well be removed from the old one.

      1. Yep, Kyzrati is right, this is fully intended behaviour. Every square outside of your field of vision represent what you last remember seeing there. Seeing the monster on 3 or 4 different squares just means that the last thing you remember seeing on those squares was that monster.

  3. Those changes sound very good. I’d love support for numpad, even if only up, down, left, right are used.

      1. As far as I can see, there is no support for using the numpad without num-lock on in PDCurses (the lib that I am using for the interface), and with num-lock on it conflicts with using wands, so no numpad support in this release, sorry!

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