Bugfix release

v2.4 unfortunately contains a critical crash-bug: selecting a launcher in the inventory while having a launcher equipped will in many circumstances crash the game. I have fixed this bug (and another less critical crash bug) in v2.4.1, so please re-download.

You can unzip the archive over your v2.4 folder without losing saves or settings. The saves are fully compatible with v2.4.

Thank you Martin, cheapmiami and player for reporting these bugs!





  1. One thing I was kind of hoping would be fixed: if you are diseased and have Tmp +MaxHP, and you let your total HP go below the amount of Tmp HP you have, you instantly die as the Tmp effect wears off and you don’t recover HP.

    Whether or not this should be changed is arguable, but I definitely think that the player should be forbidden from resting if it would be instantly fatal. I was hoping the Rest preview feature would integrate that.

    I would also argue that a warning about this should be added to sources of Tmp +MaxHP, since the effect isn’t immediately obvious.

    1. Ah yes, I actually scheduled it for this release but somehow it didn’t get in there. Thank you for reminding me!
      I hope I will get around it for the next major release. Luckily it is quite rare to be diseased and tmp +maxHp.

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