FAQ and Known Issues

Q: Where can I report bugs?

Send me a mail or drop a comment in the blog. Check the “known issues” below before. I really appreciate any feedback or bug report as I continuously try to improve the game!

Q: I cannot open the game, it crashes immediately.

See a workaround on the download page.

Q: The game is so difficult, help!

There’s a guide to survive the early game here.

Q: How do I change resolution or screen size?

The Ground Gives Way uses Windows own console window. You can change the resolution and font of the game by clicking in the top left corner of the window and select “properties”. In the “font” tab you can change the size, font and screen size.

Q: I need to pass a stuck door and I’m running out of food, is this a dead end?

No, you will automatically smash open a stuck door when your food is at zero, so they will never completely block your path.

Q: I have nausea and am at 0 food, nothing I can do?

Yes, you can eat force down food items that give “food”. It will make you diseased but you will at least be able to rest.

Q: Why can’t I use diagonal movement (as I am used to in other roguelikes)?

Three reasons:

  • I imagine a large portion of the players are playing on laptops where the numpad is unavailable (a trend which I think will increase). There is no standard and elegant (I don’t consider the vi-keys to be elegant) solution for diagonal movement that wouldn’t make the interface more complicated.
  • I wanted the game to be easy to get into for non-roguelike players who may not be used to diagonal movement.
  • I have centred the game around the geometry that arises from using cardinal movement and vision (Taxicab geometry), which makes it stand out from most other roguelikes, and forces you to use different tactics than normal.

Q: Will the game be ported to other platforms?

Possibly, but no promises. I do not know when this will happen as it is not a high priority for me right now.

However, it has been reported to work in Wine for some players if you double click on the executable instead of starting it from the terminal. Another alternative that seems to work is to type (credit tilkau):

wineconsole cmd.exe

And then (note that the quotes are required):

"The Ground Gives Way.exe"

Q: Why the silly “story”?


The story of TGGW according to ZeBlob.

The main point of the “story” of the game is to simply draw attention away from it. TGGW is all about the gameplay. Just like chess or poker doesn’t have a proper story/motivation, I often think that most roguelikes also don’t need one.

Q: Why isn’t the game open source?

Some of my reasons are:

  • I’d like to keep secrets in the game and let players figure out things on their own. There are a lot of things in the game that I think no one have found yet.
  • The code is a mess and not in a portable shape: it contains unused code, compiler and Windows specific code, experiments and other things that don’t belong in an open source project. I’m not currently motivated to clean it up to an open-source standard.
  • I don’t want variants of the game right now.
  • I like to keep the possibility of commercializing parts of the game sometime in the future (I probably won’t though).


Known Issues in v2.2.1

  • None so far