Here you can download The Ground Gives Way (v2.4.2) for Windows. Just unzip the archive and play. Be sure to read readme.txt for instructions. You can find the changelog compared to previous versions right here (contains very minor spoilers).

Windows 10/8/7/Vista:

The Ground Gives Way v2.4.2

Windows XP SP3:

The Ground Gives Way v2.4.2 (XP)

Other Systems

TGGW is currently Windows only, but has been reported to work on some Linux and OS X setups. See the FAQ for instructions. If you use Linux, the quickest way may be to use Pilcrow182’s launcher. You can download the launcher here.

Development Version

This is the development version of the coming v2.5. If you are interested in providing feedback and bugtest before the official release, you can download and try it out. Beware that it may contain severe bugs or be unbalanced.

Update 21 feb: uploaded new version. Censers now spawn on the floor, worn rope and rusty throwing daggers fixed.

The Ground Gives Way v2.5 (dev version)


If you find the game very difficult, there are some hints here (some of these are not really up to date with the latest release). There is also an (outdated) manual and a reference document of the game.

Does the Game Crash when you start it?

If the game crashes upon starting it, it is most likely because it displays the window in a font that is too big for your desktop. You can solve this by creating a shortcut to the game (right-click and select “create shortcut”), on the shortcut you can then adjust the font size to a smaller one by right-clicking the shortcut, select “properties” and then select the “font” tab and do your adjustments.

Thanks to TyreForHyre for this workaround!


Older versions of The Ground Gives Way

Release #7
Release #7 XP
The Ground Gives Way v2.1.3
The Ground Gives Way v2.1.3 (XP)
The Ground Gives Way v2.2.1
The Ground Gives Way v2.2.1 (XP)
The Ground Gives Way v2.3
The Ground Gives Way v2.3 (XP)