The Ground Gives Way v2.5 is out!

I’m happy to announce that TGGW v2.5 is now officially released! It probably has the longest changelog so far!

I suggest you start by playing the “new in v2.5” tutorials to familiarise yourself with the changes.

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the following people for the incredible feedback I’ve got during the testing period! In no particular order, thank you: bob, hedoNNN, almalam, evren, gza, muxog, chexwarrior, jiyvajelly, Roneitis, waymaking, Martin_pl, Rhoefr, cheapmiami, saltwaterterrapin, Denis D and Kyzrati. Thank you so much for your suggestions, ideas and bug reports. It really made a difference from how v2.5 looked a month ago!

Of course I’m also grateful to all of you who have made suggestions and bug reports earlier, for v2.4. You all help making the game better, so thank you very much!

For those who tried the testing period, the changelog for the individual updates are shown below (because a lot of these are not included in the final changelog, as they are not changes compared to v2.4.2). There were quite a lot of changes between the official release and the devE version, which you can see detailed below:


v2.5 Final (2019-03-27)

Changelog compared to v2.5 DevE.


  • Tutorial is updated with the newest stuff
  • Things which already have shield pummel/riposte will not get enchantments that gives it [gza]


  • Changes to aliens
    • Aliens now appear as soon as you leave a level
    • Aliens can now reach items even if you stand on them
  • Food will no longer rot when on the map
  • You can no longer activate features (such as stairs and portals) when overburdened [gza]
  • Bursts are now only blocked by features that block both vision and movement


  • Altered display of derived attributes to fit better. Also clarified special conditions [Martin pl]
  • Being overburdened or having an ineffective melee attack causes status window to be red [hedoNNN]
  • On hit information of weapons is now always visible [hedoNNN]
  • Identify effect now has better message and name [gza]
  • Treestumps now uses the symbol ‘8’ for visibility
  • Turning a valve will now prompt and display ep cost [gza]
  • View items category clarified (view meditations & spells)


  • Fixed pluralisation when buying ammo from an NPC
  • Fixed shield pummel random direction knock back [waymaking, almalam]
  • Pressing ‘x’ on a spell on equipment no longer tries to identify it [cheapmiami]
  • Filling an empty bottle with full inventory is no longer buggy [Roneitis]
  • You can no longer teleport outside of the castle [almalam]
  • You can no longer see cold-based monsters with infravision
  • Fixed pluralisation of spoiled milk
  • Upgrades and rusty items no longer gives extra penalties to martial arts [Roneitis]
  • You can no longer upgrade an enchanted item to an unenchantable upgrade [Rhoefr]
  • You can now meditate even when confused [Rhoefr]
  • Autopickup works even when slimy
  • Reading a skill book will take effect immediately rather than after one turn [gza]
  • Long standing bug: food can not change twice when resting (food could previously thaw and rot on the same rest).
  • Fix crash when making a character sheet with many statuses [Rhoefr]
  • Reporting of value of inventory when winning now accounts for items in containers


  • Buff magic consumables
    • night leaves now restore 10mp
    • night leaves now upgrade to magic boost potions
    • lesser magic potions are removed
    • greater magic potions are now common and renamed to “magic potion”
    • magic boost potions restore 10mp as well as give tmp 5 mp
  • Modified cooking prices [bob]
  • Slightly nerfed dragon mails [gza, bob]
  • Dungeon generation attempts to put stairs further apart in lab [gza, evren, almalam]


v2.5 DevE (2019-03-19)

  • Show a much clearer warning in status window when martial attack is ineffective [hedoNNN]
  • Slimy effect now only prevents equipping/unequipping and nothing more.
    • This solves a lot of issues with slime which was annoying in many ways.
  • Slime monsters now dissolve items by picking them up.
  • You can no longer rest when overburdened [almalam]
  • Monsters no longer talk about items that you have picked up.
  • Ice armour no longer reduce martial combo.
  • Most healer NPCs can now cure bleeding.
  • Some glass is no longer shoot/see through [Rhoefr]
  • Adjusted price of green and red tunics.

v2.5 DevD (2019-03-13)

  • fixed typo [saltwaterterrapin]
  • Rusty armour no longer give double hp [Rhoefr]
  • New inventory system (see post)
    • Burdened status
    • Improved autopickup
    • Automatic stacking
    • Containers overflowing
    • Fix items disappearing on full inventory/bag [waymaking]
  • Adrenaline is back, but it now only triggers when you open containers while seeing sleeping monsters, not when picking up items from the floor [almalam]
  • Pit traps no longer lead to crashes/duplicated items later on [almalam]
  • Game no longer crashes when pressing ‘c’ in an empty equipment slot [almalam]
  • Spiked collar can now be upgraded by armourer [almalam]
  • Autorun now stops before getting close to items [almalam]
  • The game no longer crashes when triggering a trap on a fire floor [almalam, Denis D]
  • The game no longer crashes when reading a scroll of summoning [Denis D]
  • Strawberry patches no longer occur in levels with red fluorescent fungi [muxog]

v2.5 DevC (2019-02-23)

  • Fixed crash when text that changes melee attribute is shown (when goblins flee etc) [Rhoefr, Roneitis, Waymaking]
  • Castle guard dialogue is back [jiyvajelly]
  • Goblin monks no longer reduce martial combo [hedoNNN]
  • A ‘v’ shortcut reminder is added to the menu.

v2.5 DevB (2019-02-21)

  • Censers spawn on the floor [muxog]
  • worn rope, rusty daggers fixed [muxog, cheapmiami]


  1. Congratulations for all the hard work and thank you always again for this amazing FREE game you spoil us with! 😀

  2. Ooh, suggestion for new way to get into the castle vault. Make a new service for the guard standing in front of the door: bribe!

  3. It was nice to see the process how you keep fixing bugs and add new things during this release cycle. Such an interesting journey.

    1. I agree! I think I will try to put out development versions earlier to receive feedback while developing. It helped a lot in both finding bugs and to fix inconsistencies and to cover things I hadn’t thought about. Thank you very much for your help during this last cycle 🙂

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