Reference Document (v2.3)

This is a reference document for all effects available in v2.3. The best way of using it is to search (ctrl+f in most browsers) for the effect you are looking for. In future releases this list will hopefully exist in-game.

Derived Attributes


Your chance to disarm traps and steal gold from merchants is calculated as follows:


With the following special cases:

  • Being confused gives a -20% penalty
  • Being in combat set this value to 0% (for you but not for monsters)
  • Values over 90% or under 10% will be altered. 100% becomes 91%, 110% becomes 92% and so forth. A similar formula is used for values under 10%.
Avoid Spells

Your chance to avoid spells is calculated as follows:


As “spell” counts any monster attack labelled with “magic”. Monsters chance to avoid spells applies to your attacks from wands or rods.

With the following special cases:

  • If you are unaware of the monster that attacks you (i.e., it makes a surprise attack against you) this value is set to 0%
  • Values over 90% will be altered. 100% becomes 91%, 110% becomes 92% and so forth. Values under 10% are not altered.


These effects are described in terms of “you”, the player. However, most of the effects can apply to monsters as well. The (x) next to an effect indicates its level.

Instant. This effect will have an effect immediately and then disappear. Everything which is not instant counts as a status effect.

Binary. This effect is either on or off, it cannot have different levels.

Percentage. This effect is expressed as a percentage rather than a level.

Player only. Only the player may have this effect, or this effect may only be applied to the player.

Monster only. Only monsters may have this effect.

Effect Durations

Whenever an effect is displayed in the game it is shown with a duration indicating how long it will last:

  • Prm. Permanent. This effect will stay the entire game unless something explicitly changes it.
  • Eqp. Equipment. This effect comes from your equipment and will stay until you unequip the item that causes it.
  • Tmp. Temporary. This effect lasts until you rest or otherwise restore temporary effects.
  • Ctx. Context. This effect comes from the specific context you are in, this is usually the floor, but can also be from surroundings (a light source nearby or from walls if you have open/closed combat). It will disappear when you move to a square that doesn’t cause the effect.
  • Ins. Instant. This is an instant effect that won’t linger.


Acid (x)

Instant. Decreases hp by x (possibly modified by resist acid or weak: acid). In addition, if you armour attribute is non-zero it will decrease by 5*x% temporarily (where x has been modified by resistance or weakness).

Aggravation (x)

Player only. Spawns a random number (between 0 and x) of new monsters when you rest or descend to a previously unvisited level.

Alleviate Poison (x)

Instant. Decreases poison level by x.

Bloodlust (x%)

Percentage. Player only. Whenever you see a monster die, there is a x% chance to heal 1hp per max-hp of the monster that died.

Can’t Move

Binary. Monsters only. The monster cannot move (but can still attack).

Can’t Push Others

Binary. Monsters only. The monster cannot go past other monsters. Unconscious or not.

Can’t Use Doors

Binary. Monsters only. The monster cannot open or close doors.


Binary. Player only. You get better prices from NPCs.

Closed Combat

Binary. You get a +1 bonus to melee if you are standing beside a wall, or a +3 bonus if you are standing next to two walls or more.

Cold (x)

Instant. Decreases hp by x (possibly modified by resist cold or weak: cold). There is also a x*10% chance that you get a temporary decrease in your speed (where x is modified by resistance or weakness).


Binary. When confused you occasionally take a misstep or swap places with a monster. You are also unable to use any form of magic (wands, rods or scrolls for the player, attacks labelled “magic” for monsters). In addition you take a -20% penalty to avoid traps. Player only: You cannot use tools or identify items and it is harder to place traps.

Counter Attack

Binary. Whenever a monster misses you, you automatically make a melee attack against it. This attack takes no game time.

Cure [Status]

Instant. Removes [status].

Cure Mutation

Instant. Player only. Restores all mutated body parts to normal.

Damage (x)

Instant. Decreases Hp by x. Each point of damage has a y% chance of getting absorbed, where y is your armour attribute.

Decrease [Attribute] (x)

Decreases [attribute] by x points.

Deep Sleeper

Binary. Monsters only. If this monster is sleeping, you can move two squares closer than normally in terms of your noise level before it wakes up. Example: if you have 5 noise, it doesn’t wake up until you are within 3 squares.

Destroy Weapon

instant. Player only. Instantly destroys your wielded weapon. If you are dual wielding, both weapons will be destroyed.

Detect [thing]

Binary. Player Only. Makes you see [thing] on the map even if it is not in your field of vision. This does not mean you can interact with it however.

Detect Traps

Binary. Player Only. Makes you see traps as a blinking ‘6’. You also get a +20% bonus to avoiding traps.


Binary. Prevents Hp-regeneration on rest.


Instant. Disenchants (i.e., removes the enchantment from) all your equipped items.

Drain Magic (x)

Instant. Decreases Mp by x points. Is the opposite of magic points.

Dual Wield

Binary. You make two melee attacks per turn instead of one.

Electricity (Elec) (x)

Instant. Decreases hp and mp by x points (modified by resist elec or weak: elec)

Enchant Weapon

Instant. Player only. Adds a random enchantment to your wielded melee weapon. If you have no melee weapon equipped, nothing happens.

Energy (x)

Instant. Player only. Replenish your Ep by x points up to maximum 10. Is the opposite of Fatigue. Also cures exhaustion.


Binary. Player only. You take damage instead of losing Ep when fatigued.


Binary. Can act more often than very slow, slow and non-fast monsters. Acts less often than very fast monsters.

Fatigue (x)

Instant. Player only. Lose x points of Ep to a minimum of 0. If Ep is taken to 0, you will get the status Exhausted. If exhausted you will instead lose Hp instead of Ep when fatigued.


Binary. Monsters only. This monster cannot be afraid and will never flee.

Fire (x)

Instant. Decreases Hp by x points (modified by resist fire or weak: fire). Player only: There is also a x*5% chance that a random food item in your inventory gets grilled (where x has been modified by resistance or weakness).

Flanked (-x% to block)

Player only. This status is always contextual and you get it whenever there are more than one monster adjacent to you. For each adjacent monster except the first you get a -20% penalty to block. This simulates that it is hard to block from several sides at once.


Binary. You cannot activate traps on the floor and some other features on the floor. You are also unaffected by most floor types, especially dangerous ones such as water and lava. You are doubly effected by knockback however.


Binary. Monster only. A frail monster can be killed even by non-lethal damage.

Food (x)

Instant. Increases your food attribute by x up to a maximum of 5. Monsters instead get their Hp increased by x points and gets temporarily neutral.

Heal (x)

Instant. Increases Hp by x up to a maximum of max-hp.

Hunger (x)

Instant. Decreases your food attribute by x to a minimum of 0. Monsters are instead damaged by x hp.

Immunity to [effect]

Binary. Neglects all aspects of [effect].


See Unconscious. Applies to inanimate monsters.

Increase [attribute] (x)

Increases [attribute] by x points.


Binary. Makes you able to see (and target) living monsters outside of your vision if there are no obstacles. Effectively making your vision attribute infinite when it comes to seeing living monsters.

In Light

Binary. You are visible to all monsters (as if all monsters had infravision). Player only: If the effect is contextual (i.e., comes from the floor), you cannot rest while having this status.


Binary. You cannot be seen or targeted by a monster unless it can see invisible. You can still be heard though. If you happen to detect an invisible monster you can see and target it as normal.

Knockback (x)

Instant. Moves away you x squares in one direction, decreasing x by one per square. If there is a wall in your path, you will take damage equal to the remaining x. If there is a monster on your path, the remaining x will be transfered to that monster.

If you are flying, this effect will have its level effectively doubled (x*2). The knockback effect is completely neglected by the status resist knockback.

Make Pit

Instant. Makes a pit to the next floor if open. Otherwise it makes a water filled pit.

Magic Points (x)

Instant. Increases Mp by x points up to max-mp. Is the opposite of drain magic.


Instant. Player only. Maps the current level so that you can see all non-floor features.


Instant. Player only. Adds one or more random body parts to your equipment, unequipping or destroying whatever was there in the process. The body part can not be unequipped and nothing can be equipped in place of the body part.


Binary. Player only. You cannot consume anything (food or potions) unless you are starving (food = 0) and the thing you consume give food.

Never Sleeps

Binary. Monsters only. This monster cannot sleep and consequently don’t recover or having it’s temporary effects removed when you rest.


Binary. Monsters only. This monster won’t attack you and bumping it switches places with it. Any hostile act towards it causes Aggravation(2) to you.

Non-lethal Damage (x)

instant. Monsters only. Decreases hp by x. Each point of damage has a y% chance of getting absorbed, where y is the monster’s armour attribute.This damage type can not kill a monster unless it is frail. If a non-frail monster’s Hp drops to 0 from this damage type, it will instead become unconscious/incapacitated.

Open Combat

Binary. You get a +1 bonus to your melee attribute if you have at least three non-wall squares adjacent, or a +3 bonus if you don’t stand beside any wall.

Phase Out

instant. Monsters only. The monster moves to another dimension and out of the game forever.

Poison (x)

Slightly delayed damage. Poison acts randomly up to 5 times per turn (if you are very slow) or once per turn (if you are very fast). When poison acts your hp decreases by one (resist poison% to avoid) and your poison level (x) decreases by one (unless weak: poison%).

Random Effect

instant. Causes a random effect to happen.

Reach (x)

Makes it possible to make a melee attack x squares away. To make a reaching attack, target a monster at most x squares away and press 0.

Recharge Rods

instant. Player only. Makes all rods in your inventory usable again even if they have been used.

Resist [element] (x%)

Percentage. When taking y damage from [element] , x% of y (rounded down) are absorbed (removed). The remainder of the rounding is added as a chance to absorb yet another point of damage.

Resist Poison (x%)

Percentage. Every time poison acts on you, there is a x% to not take damage.


instant. Removes all temporary effects. Player only: It makes “once per day” wands usable even if they have been used.

Rust Iron

instant. Player only: Makes a random iron item from your equipment rusty. Monster only: Makes monsters made of iron unable to move (can’t move effect).


Binary. You cannot take any other actions than to move. Monsters only: instantly kill the monster unless it has the effect Swims.

Scare [Monster]

Binary. Player Only. Makes all monsters of type [monster] afraid (and fleeing) whenever they see you.

See Invisible

Binary. You can see (and therefore target) monsters even if they are invisible.

Silver Damage (x)

instant. Monsters only. Decreases Hp by x if the monster is undead. Does nothing to living monsters.


instant. Monsters only. Makes the monster fall asleep unless it has the never sleeps status. The monster will wake up again according to the normal rules of waking up.


Binary. You leave a trace of slime on the floor. You also destroy any item you step on.


Binary. Can act more often than very slow actors, but less often than non-slow, fast or very fast actors.

Spiked (x)

Every time an adjacent monster hits you in melee, it will take x points of damage.

Steal Gold (x)

instant. If you are the victim you will lose x gold. If a humanoid monster is the victim, you will acquire x gold. It has no effect on non-humanoid monsters.

Summon Monster (x)

instant. Summons a hostile monster that normally appears on dungeon floor x. x is a hidden value that is not displayed.


Binary. Monsters only. This monster may move through water without taking damage.

Teleport (x)

instant. Randomly teleports you at most x squares away.


Binary. Monsters only. The monster cannot act in any way, it also cannot see or hear so it is always unaware of you. Moving into an unconscious monster will swap places with it. This is the same effect as incapacitated. Any hostile action against a living unconscious monster will cause Aggravation(2) to you.

Very Fast

Binary. Can act more often than all but other very fast actors.

Very Slow

Binary. Can act less often than all but other very slow actors.

Wake All

instant. Wakes all sleeping monsters on the level.

Weak: [Element] (x%)

Percentage. When you take y damage from [element], x% of y (rounded down) are added to the damage. The remainder of the rounding is added as a chance to take yet another point of damage over that.

Weak: Poison (x%)

Percentage.Every time poison acts in your system, there is an x% risk of the poison level not reducing.