The Ground Gives Way v2.2 is out!

This is a big release with many changes. The biggest changes are: The dungeon is now divided into themed sections [post] There’s an optional mid-game milestone. Combat mechanics have been greatly simplified [post, post] Speed has been reworked [post] Magic has been reworked [post] Improved user interface [post] Visible traps [post] Credits Thank you very […]


In v2.1 I introduced bumpable stairs. This was for two reasons: first of all it is more convenient to just bump the stairs but the most important reason was because it made the space key ambiguous while standing on stairs. Sometimes you wanted to wait and sometimes you wanted to descend or ascend. The new […]

Visible Traps

  The Problem with Traps This section is mostly a background to traps in roguelikes, if you just want to read about the changes I’ve made in TGGW you can skip to the next section. Traps are a common but lately quite controversial feature of most roguelikes. Traps in roguelikes have been standard for a […]


The Speed Attribute There are currently 20(!) different speeds in TGGW (i.e., the speed attribute can range between 1-20 for you and monsters). speed determines how many turns you have to wait before acting. Turns are divided into 20-turn segments, and within a 20-turn segment a character may act speed times evenly distributed over the […]

A Richer Dungeon

As most of you know, the dungeon in TGGW is 15 levels deep. However, even with only 15 levels, the entire game looks very samey and monotonous. In v2.2 I’m introducing something very special… the dungeon will no longer look like it did. The dungeon is now divided into themed dungeon sections. I am not […]