Category: Game Design

Spells on Equipment

A new feature that I’m excited about is a new way of obtaining spells: from equipment! From v2.4 equipment may contain spells (just like wands) and lets you cast spells while wearing the equipment. Mechanics The spells from equipment work exactly like those from wands. They have a range, an Mp-cost, a target type and […]

Rest Preview

One of the most important strategic decisions that the player has to make is deciding when to rest. There are quite a lot of things that happen when you rest. Around midgame you typically have to go through a mental checklist before you decide to rest. You look over your remaining food, if you have […]

Monster behaviour

v2.3 introduces a new set of interesting behaviours among monsters to make them feel more alive and interesting. Talking Monsters You will find that some of the intelligent monsters will occasionally speak to you (and they will not generally say nice things…). While this is mostly for pure flavour/immersion, they will sometimes reveal information that […]

Poison Rework

The Problem with Poison I have intended to change to poison mechanics for a long time. The current system has a few problems associated with it, both when used against the player and against a monster. On the Player When the player is poisoned it means you have to rest, use a consumable or slowly […]

Interesting Merchants

It has been a while ago since the last post. Development has been a little slow lately, but I am working towards the next release. I thought I’d tell you about a new interesting feature. New Merchants I have rewritten merchant mechanics from scratch. Not that it was anything wrong with them before, but I […]